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White Monastery ( Seto Gumba )

White Gumba White Monastery

White Gumba (White Monastery) is one of the most popular destinations of Nepal also called Seto Gumba or Druk Amitabh Monastery. It is a Buddhist monastery of Nepal that is situated at the top of Druk Amitabh Mountain located at the Nagarjun Municipality of Kathmandu District. It is located outside the ring road north of Swoyambhunath Stupa (Monkey Temple).

The monastery itself is a pretty beautiful work of Tibetan architecture; many murals, statues and paintings can be found all within the monastery. This monastery will also provide you with the beautiful scenery of the Kathmandu valley.

If the weather is clear you even can sight the breathtaking view of the mountain range. White Gumba is also the second-best spot to view the sunrise and sunset after the Nagarkot. Many people visit here to view the sunrise and sunset from the hill which is inexpressible. Peace and tranquility are reflected in every part of the Monastery. The architecture and the beauty of The White Gumba (White Monastery) force people to snap pictures. The picturesque topography of the White monastery is remarkable that attracts visitors to it.

Seto GumbaHow to reach the White Monastery?

It is very easy to reach the White Monastery (Seto Gumba) but public vehicles are not allowed to the Gumba. You can start your trip to White Gumba from two different locations i.e either Sitapaila or Halchowk. From any place of the valley just catch a public vehicle/bus or hire a cab for the ring road and get dropped at Sitapaila or Halchowk. if you ask any local people about the way to the Monastery anyone can easily guide you there.

It is just 20-30 minutes distance to get to the Monastery if you take a cab or a motorbike/mountain bike from both places. The way to the Monastery is Very steep so it is dangerous. So be careful while driving your bike, car.

Swayambhu to White Monastery Hike

Starting point: Swayambhu
Distance: 4.5 kilometers
Duration: At least 1 hours
Altitude: 1,500m

If You have time and love hike then Swayambhu to White Gumba (White Monastery) hiking is one of the best trails inside the Kathmandu valley. A hike to this place can offer you a short trip with your friends to have a great time.

Monastery opening days

Before the devasting earthquake of  April 25th, 2015 this monastery used to open every Saturday for the public to visit. But the devasting Earthquake of 2015  make damage in the monuments of White Monastery so it was closed for few years for maintenance. And Now the Monastery opens Every Sunday for public visitors.

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Things to do in White Monastery (White Gumba)

White Monastery is at the Altitude of 1500m and it is the best place for sightseeing, religious purposes and hiking. Here we have discussed things to do in White Monastery.

  • Hiking

Hiking is one of the best things to do in this area. Kathmandu valley is crowded in the city areas. You may be searching for some silent and less crowded areas. And if you love hiking then it is the best place for a half-day to full-day hike.

The hike can be started from Swayambhu and Swayambhu can be accessible with public buses easily from most parts of the city. From Swayambhu, White Monastery is about 4.5 km. Due to its steep nature of the road, it makes some adventure for you. You will pass through the narrow road, forest and then to the Druk Amithab Mountain where the White Monastery lies.

  • Biking

As I have already written about the Steep road to White Monastery, biking is also one of the best things you can do. Mountain biking on the road will surely make your trip an adventure.

  • Sight Seeing

As this Monastery is in the hight of 1500m. it gives you the majestic view of the valley and off course of the nearby Mountains.

White Monastery

  • Learn about Buddha religion and Tibetan Architecture

The monastery itself is a pretty beautiful work of Tibetan architecture; many murals, statues and paintings can be found all within the monastery. It is the best place to learn about the Buddha religion and Tibetan architecture.

  • Photography

As it is beautiful naturally and religiously Photography is another thing you can do here. You can see the beautiful Tibetan Articture, the status of Buddha, garden, view of Kathmandu valley, mountains etc. This makes your photography beautiful.

  • Sunrise/Sunset

This is the ideal place to see the sunrise and sunset after Nagarkot. So for this, you can visit this place early in the morning or you can live in the local homestay, hotels and see the sunset in the evening and sunrise in the next morning.

  • Meditation

Meditation is one of the great things you can do at the White monastery. Because of its quietness inside the Monastery, you can do meditation here. The surroundings, statues, paintings also force you to take deep meditation here.

Druk Amitabh MonasteryAccommodation

You can find the local homestay and some hotels near the White Monastery. You can stay there. And for the food also you can access the local restaurant, hotels and small snacks shop.

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Our Advice: White Monastery is beautiful in the view of religion and nature. But it is not open every day. It has a fixed day to open so be informed if it is closed or open. at present days it opens only on Sunday(once a week).

It is a silent place and a Buddhist area so don’t try to do the unusual thing here like shouting loudly, laughing very loud, drink liquor or smoking, chewing tobacco. Also, don’t try to make unusual scenes.

And at the end of this article, please do follow the rules made by the White Monastery which you will be noticed there.


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