Maula Kalika Temple (Maula kalika Mandir)

Maula Kalika Temple (Maula kalika Mandir)

The Maula Kalika temple ( Maulakalika Mandir) is situated on the hilltop, around a kilometer north of the East-West Highway in Gaindakot Municipality, ward numebr 1 of Nawalparasi district lying in the lap of the Narayani River in the mid-part of Nepal. Maula Kalika temple locally called danda kalika is located in the premises of holy religious site Devghat Dham. It is a famous religious pilgrimage and tourist site of the Nawalparasi district of Nepal.

Situated on the hilltop amidst dense green forest, it is gaining recognition as a spiritual Centrex as well as a holy place for fulfilling the wishes expressed by devotees and worshipers before the Goddess. Devotees throng the temple every morning to offer worships and prayers to the Goddess who is believed to materialize people’s longings.

Maulakalika Temple
Maulakalika Temple

With the increased beauty and panorama of the place with the systematic prayers to the temple since 2038 BS, infrastructure development on the people’s mobilization and constructions of temple in pyagoda style in 2052 BS, the score of visitors has remarkably gone up in the temple for last few years. The snow-capped scenic beauty in the north, holy place Devghat, Chitwan National Park, Sauraha, Tigers Top, and other enchanting natural beauty visible to the north from the temple delight every tourists reaching there. Likewise, people-conserved peace forest park (Banbatika), artistic slate-paved way, stands, tap stands, stations, and various temples on the way to Maulakalika are also inspiring people to visit the temple again and again.

Worth-seeing scenes from the hilltop and the pleasure one feels from trekking and wandering green dense forests also mesmerize people there, rocketing the number of visitors arriving in this altitude from all parts of the country thereby help promote internal tourism in the area.

Visitors can offer prayer and worship to Siddi Binayak Ganesh, Shree Krishna and Deurali Devi on the way to Maulakalika and take joy of the incredible natural beauty intensified by the forest and cool and clean weather on the way to the temple

Historical Background of Maula Kalika

There is a legend that during the reign of King Manimukunda Sen of Palpa about 500 years ago, at the end of 15th century and beginning of 16th century, the troops of that time started worshiping Kalika Bhagwati by erecting a stone in their fort which is called Maula in Nepali language.

Maula Kalika Mandir
Maula Kalika Temple

It is believed, in Hindu mythology that the Goddess Kali or Kalika also called Durga is the symbol of energy, power and new beginning.

The temple has been renovated several times by the local people. The base area has been widened to adjust more visitors.

The temple management has lately decided to stop sacrificing of the animals.


The visitors of the temple can several options to reach on to the top. If you have small-sized vehicles, you can leave them at the parking facilities. Public transportation is available from several connecting locations nearby the area to the base of the mountain. One has to cross 1,892 footsteps to reach up to the temple from the base of the hill.

By Air

The closest domestic airport is Bharatpur Airport, where daily flights are available to and from Kathmandu and Pokhara. It takes less than an hour from Kathmandu airport (Tribhuvan International Airport) to reach Bharatpur (near Gaindakot) on air. The temple area has a Helipad as well.

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By Bus/Car

It’s a 5-hour drive from the capital city Kathmandu. Travel from Lumbini (the birthplace of Buddha in Nepal) and Birgunj near the Indian border is about 3 hours journey by bus or car.

Water and Electricity Service in Maula Kalika

An automated hydraulic pressure continuously pumps water to the peak. The equipment is installed in the northern slope, 500 meters down. Water supply continuous and unmonitored.

It has a pole-based electricity wires pulled through the base of Gaindakot.


Nepal Telecom has installed a wireless transceiver tower. You can enjoy GSM, CDMA phone calls and 3G connectivity. Even the signals are good for your roaming services.

Maula kalika Temple in Map


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