Mayadevi Temple Lumbini

Lumbini Birth place of Buddha.

Lumbini is a Buddhist pilgrimage site in the Rupandehi Districte . It is one of the best tourism site of Province No. 5. It is also most visited site of entire Nepal. Mayadevi, the Queen of Shakya King Suddhodhana of Kapilvastuhad gave Birth to Prince Siddhartha. So This Place is Famous in the world.It is said that she gave Birth while passing through the Lumbini Garden. Siddharth (Buddha) was born on the day of  Baishakha Purnima (full moon day of May in 623 BC) . Before giving Birth to Siddhartha Mayadevi took a bath in the the Sacred Pond Pushkarini . Siddhartha achieved Enlightenment some time around and became the Buddha and founded Buddhism .

Lumbini birth place of Buddha, one of the world’s most important spiritual site. It attracts Buddhist pilgrims from around the world. Today you can visit over twenty-five Buddhist monasteries built by diverse countries from Vietnam to France. study Buddhism, meditate and visit the birthplace within the sacred Mayadevi Gardens.

Lumbini Museum
Lumbini Museum
Mayadevi Temple is the most sacred site in the Lumbini Garden.

Here archaeologists have identified the exact spot where Lord Buddha was born. Inscriptions on the Ashoka Pillar nearby also refer to the spot as his birthplace. It is said that the newly born Prince Siddhartha (later became the Buddha) took his first seven steps here . After he became lord Buddha & delivered his peace message to humanity here.

Walk around the garden or find a quiet spot to contemplate. The focal point for pilgrims is a sandstone carving depicting the birth of the Buddha. It is believed that it have been left here by the Malla King Ripu Malla, in the 14th century. when Mayadevi was worshipped as an incarnation of a Hindu mother goddess. The Ashoka Pillar was built by the great Indian Emperor Ashoka . He became a devout Buddhist while visiting the birthplace of the Buddha back in 249 BC.

Lumbini , Birth place of Buddha

The Lumbini Garden covers an area of 2.56 sq km. It encompasses three zones. All The Three zones cover one square mile. They are connected with walkways and a canal. The area has a sub-tropical climate.It has hot summers, very wet monsoon and pleasant winters. Winter is the best time to visit.


Places to visit in Lumbini 
  1. Mayadevi Temple
  2. Bodhi Tree
  3. Mayadevi pond
  4. Ashoka Piller
  5. World Peace Pagoda
  6. Lumbini Museum
  7. Royal Thai Monastery
  8. Dharma Swami Maharaja Buddha Vihar
  9. Sri Lankan Monastery
  10. Combodian Monastery
  11. Myanmar Golden Temple
  12. Zhong Hua Chinese Buddhist Monastery ( China Temple)
  13. Dae Sung Shakya Sa (Korean Temple)
  14. Tilaurakot
  15. Lumbini Monastic site
  16. Lumbini crane sanctuary
  17. Manang Samaj Stupa
  18. Vietnam Phat Quoc Tu Temple
  19. Great Drigung Lotus Stupa
  20. Thrangu Vajra Vidya Monastery

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