Bhedetar , A place with Awesome Natural Beauty

Bhedetar lies in Koshi Zone.It is located at 16 km north from Dharan. This is one of the beautiful place of our country, Nepal which cannot be missed by any visitors or tourists. In past, people of Hilly region took Bhedetar as ‘ Gateway ‘ to Dharan.But now, this is the heart of our Eastern Region and best place for tourism.

It is said that the name Bhedetar was given by the travellers themselves. There were lots of sheep/Bheda in this place, so they named the place as Bhedetar.

There is a built tower often known as ‘ Charles tower’ which allows people to view beautiful Dharan, green landscapes and some mysteriously beautiful hills. The tower was made by the village committee after Prince Charles Britain stopped to have a look from there. Bhedetar is the place which remains cool throughout the year therefore people come here to escape the summer heat.Beautiful Bhedetar Hill Station

This is now well developed tourism sector, where tourists from various countries come to enjoy their holidays, vacation, spent good times with family,relatives and loved ones. You may feel it’s not a lot while reading this, but apart from rafting, boating, paragliding and trekking, if you are looking for some cool and peaceful place with a great view, Bhedetar is definitely your answer.

Attraction around Bhedetar
  1. Bhedetar Bazaaar

Bhedetar is both transit and destination point in East Nepal. People travel to Bhedetar both for escaping baking sun and freezing cold in summer and winter seasons respectively. People make Bhedetar also as a transit point during vehicular journeys to hilly districts of Nepal’s Koshi Zone.

Bhedetar is in 18-kilometer uphill from Dharan, a beautiful town in East Nepal. It is at an altitude of 1420 from sea level.  Serpentine roadways of Koshi Highway from Dharan connect Bhedetar. This is most accessible travelling point both for northern and southern side of East Nepal. Bhedetar is famous for its great nature, culture and adventure.

  1. Pathibhara Temple

Pathibhara is a very famous religious shrine both for Hindu and Kirati folks all over the world. It can be reached within half hour walk from Bhedetar Bazaar. The Pathibhara temple of Bhedetar is a branch of main Pathibhara temple of Taplejung.

Every day, devotees from Nepal and India crowd this religious site. It is believed that this temple fulfills genuine wishes once a devotee worships there. There is crowed specially on Tuesday and Saturday.

  1. Namje Village

Situated at altitude of 1770 meters above the sea level, Namje village is just 2.5 kilometer away from Bhedetar Bazaar. This Magar-majority ethnic village has unique Magar culture, language, ethnic attires and their very famous typical dance called ‘Hurra’.

Namje is best place to peep northern Himalayasn peaks including Mt. Everest, Mt. Kumbhakarna, Mt. Makalu, Mt. Kanchanjunga and few other peaks. Not only Himalayan peaks, this place are best point to glance southern plains of Nepal and its southern borders with India.

Hilltops of this village are dotted with various transmission towers of Nepal’s best FM radios, televisions and mobile service providers.

This place also contains a place called Aatma Ghar, designed by American architect Travice Price. Price collected stones from 231 graves of this place and assembled at a place and made a collective grave. This is described as a 17th wonders of the world. Plus, CNN has listed this village as a top 12 underreported travelling destination in the world.

Beautiful scenes, hospitable locals and typical Magar culture have decorated this place as a busy travelling destination. Many travelers from Nepal and India come to visit this place every day.  Construction of hotels and home-stays are on rise in this beautiful tourism place.

  1. Sayok Yak (Sanghuri Fort)

This is a ancient fort made by Sayok Hang, a ancient Limbu king, after winning Thebohang. Sayok Yak is called Sanghuri Gadhi these days.

This point was an ancient strategic point of Limbu king. There are 10 stone rooms in this fort where army soldiers guarding this fort would live in. Still, there are some remnants of this ancient fort.  Stones of this fort were brought from Fusre stream of Dharan. This fort is a good location to have good views of Dharan and parts of Eastern Terai.

  1. Singsuwa (Namaste) Falls

This falls is in the head of Singsuwa stream. Also known as Namaste Jharana, this falls is some 8-kilometer away from Bhedetar Bazaar. This falls is more than 50 meter tall.

  1. Bhedetar View Tower (Shailung Danda)

A westen hilltop of Bhedetar Bazaar is called Shailung danda or Charls Point. This hilltop was climbed the then prince Charles of UK during his visit in this place in 1980s.

Prince Charles was happy to see Himalayan peaks like Mt. Kumbhakana, Mt. Makalu. Mt. Kanchenjunga and Mt. Everest. Likewise, Dharan, Itahari, Biratnagar and Koshi Barrage is also visible from this hilltop.  It is said that all 16 districts of East Nepal can be seen in binocular views from this point.

  1. Dhwaje Danda

Positioned at an altitude of 700 feet from sea level, this is located in Sanghuigadhi Rural Municipality-6 of Dhankuta. This is best place to have sunrise views in Koshi Zone of Nepal. Himalayan peaks like Mt. Kumbhakana, Mt. Makalu. Mt. Kanchenjunga and Mt. Everest is also clearly seen from here.

Serpentine Tamor River and probably the biggest banyan tree of Asia can be seen from this hilltop. Situated in 3-hour walking distance from Bhedetar, this place has seen rising numbers of hotels and home-stays. Graveled road to reach this place is being upgraded.

  1. Okhre View Tower

Okhre View Tower is located in Sanghurigadhi Rural Municipality-5 of Dhankuta district. This place can be reached within 6-kilometer road distance from Bhedetar Bazaar to Rajarani.

  1. Rajarani Tal

This self-made natural lake is at an altitude of 1500 meter above the sea level. Lotus is flower in the middle of this natural lake. This is probable biggest and most beautiful lake in hilly areas of East Nepal.

This place was originally called as Mayawarak and Pawarak in local indigenous Limbu language.

This lake area contains two little ponds called Dude Daha and Kali Daha and a little falls.

Visitors can enjoy boating and fishing in this beautiful lake. This valley-like place has huge touristic potential. It takes around 5-hour walk from Bhedetar to reach this lake. Vehicular ride from Bhedetar to Rajarani Lake takes around 1 hour.  Touristic hotels and some home-stays are available in this area.

  1. Bishranti Temple

Bishranti temple is famous for temple and elderly home in East Nepal. Around 50 elderly citizens are staying in this temple. They are provided with free treatment, food and housing.

Located on the lap of popular rafting river Tamor which originates from the Himalayas, this temple is good travelling point both on religious and philanthropic grounds. Visitors from Nepal and India crowd this temple almost all day.  Rafters make rafting from this place to Chatara of Sunsari for 1-day rafting package.


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