Mangalbare – A small hill town in Ilam

Mangalbare - A small hill town

Mangalbare is a town located in the Deumai Municipality in the Ilam District in the Mechi Zone of eastern Nepal. Mangalbare, a small hill town in the Ilam district, is situated west of the district headquarters. The place offers salient views of spectacular Himalayan ranges, lush green valleys and hills, small yet beautiful ponds and rhododendron forest. The place lies on the way to Siddhithumka, the most famous hillock to view the Himalayan ranges, sunrise and sunset. Thus, a visit to the place is a unique experience in itself.

Inhabited by hilly people, the town of Mangalbare presents a unique blend of Nepalese culture harmonized by Indo-Aryan and the Tibeto-Burmans. It is a major commercial spot for the southern region where Ilamelies are inhabiting. It is also developed as a main agricultural product supply center from where the products are exported to neighboring countries.

A small hill town in IlamA motorable road links Mangalbare with Ilam, the district headquarters. The road winds up the steep hill. Trekking is also preferable. There is an eight-hour trek directly from Ilam to reach there. Those who reach Phalelung have another option to reach there along a wonderful trek beginning from Sandukpur via Chhintapu Ranke, Jitpur, etc. As the route mostly passes through numerous villages, they are safe and accommodation will not be a problem provided there is a willingness to stay with the locals. In Mangalbare, however, there are inns to provide accommodation and food facilities.

The distance between Mangalbare and Nepal’s capital Kathmandu is about 545 kilometers.


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