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Lobuche Peak Climbing Difficulty

Lobuche is a Nepalese mountain which lies close to the Khumbu Glacier and the settlement of Lobuche. Lobuche Peak has two different summits, one is Lobuche East Peak (6119m) and the other is Lobuche West Peak (6145m). The peak of Lobuche East is reached by descending a marked notch and climbing steep snowy slopes to the […]

Best Time for Everest Base Camp trek

The best time for Everest Base Camp Trek in April/May and Oct/Nov. These are the excellent months to do Everest Base Camp Trek. In these months the trails are crowded. due to Crowded trails, you will obviously feel some sophisticated. It may not be as attractive as you think if you want to see wildflowers, […]

Backpack for trekking

It is essential to carry the appropriate backpack for trekking. Some treks have teahouses throughout while others require camping and the necessary equipment. The size of your backpack depends primarily on whether or not you have porters on your trip. Those with porters usually carry a daypack with water, snacks, a camera, and rain gear. […]

12 Tips for Monsoon Trekking with bonus tips

For a Trekker, Monsoons are no excuse and there is a different kind of joy in enjoying the beautiful sceneries and lush grass with water droplets accumulated on them. Rain just makes even the normal places look beautiful. You can enjoy the mountains and nature without the crowds, there’s no worrying about lodges running out […]

How to be free from Altitude Sickness

If you are planning a trip to a high-altitude destination, taking acetaminophen may help reduce your risk of developing acute mountain sickness (AMS), according to a study in the journal Wilderness & Environmental Medicine. AMS occurs most often at 8,000 feet or higher above sea level when people are not acclimatized to the altitude, resulting in headaches, shortness […]

Domestic Flights in Nepal

There are a number of domestic airlines in Nepal: Tara Airlines, Yeti Airlines, Buddha Air, Simrik Airlines, Sita Air,  Summit Air, Nepal Airlines, Shree Airlines . Nepal offers a number of domestic flights that give you access to all parts of the country. Often, it’s best to take a local flight to save yourself long drives when you only have […]

Best Time to Visit Nepal

Main Seasons Highlights Winter brings cold weather at higher elevations but is a great time to visit Nepal for crystal clear skies. Treks in the lower Himalayan foothills are perfect in winter, and so are the jungles of Chitwan, Bardia and Banke in the south of Nepal. Spring is a popular time to go trekking in […]

TIMS card

For safety all trekkers in Nepal must acquire the Trekkers Information Management Systems (TIMS Card) before trekking. TIMS Card is mandatory to ensure the safety and security of trekkers in the general trekking areas. Travel insurance is essential to acquire permission for trekking in Nepal and for obtaining the TIMS Card. Fees, passport copy, and […]

Tourist Police in Nepal with phone Number

Tourist Police Nepal Motto: “Tourist Police for Tourists’ safety” Vision: To assure a safe and pleasant stay to all Tourists in Nepal. Mission: Tourist Police has an objective of preventing harassment, mistreatment and criminal activities against tourists. Tourist Police Nepal assures a pleasant and a memorable stay in Nepal. It includes advising and assisting tourist […]

Information for Trekkers and Mountaineers

Information for Trekker and Mountaineers to keep them safe from Mountain casualties. Trekkers and Mountaineers suffer from Acute Mountain Sickness which is also known as altitude sickness. This is common in mountains but may be dangerous so This post is all about Acute Mountain Sickness . Acute Mountain Sickness (AMS) If you are not feeling […]