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Supa Deurali Temple

Supa Deurali Temple

Supa Deurali Temple is a shrine located in the center of Arghakhanchi district at Sandhikharka municipality in province 5 in Nepal. Supa Deurali Temple is one of the famous pilgrimages at an altitude of about 4,500 feet. Supa Deurali Temple (Supa Deurali Mandir) is a Hindu temple dedicated to Devi.

It is surrounded by magnificent hills. This place is a worth visit for pilgrimage purposes as well as sightseeing a panoramic view. Supadevi is considered to be a symbol of faith fulfilling the wishes of devotees who visit there with a clean, pure heart.

Night view of Supa Deurali Temple
Photo: Night view of Supa Deurali Temple, Photo credit: Aayush

This goddess temple is located at the western foot of Supakhola on the Gorusinge Highway. The Supa temple, situated at a high altitude between the high Mahabharata, both Narpani and Phalame, is situated in a gigantic gorge. Hundreds of feet above the temple to the east of the Supa River attractive natural charm captivates every traveler.


The Supa Deurali Temple is located at a distance of 47 km from the Gorusinge-Sandhikharka road in Arghakhanchi district in the Lumbini Zone of western Nepal, in the gorge of the Mahabharat mountain range. Built-in the ancient pagoda style, this temple is known as a religious pilgrimage site. It is believed that visiting this temple located in a natural and beautiful place will fulfill one’s aspirations. The importance of this temple is increasing day by day as it is believed that the desires of the devotees are fulfilled if the worship is done according to the vows.

Supa Deurali MandirLegend

As mentioned in the history, the marriage took place in 1916 BS between the prince of Khanchikot state of twenty-two and twenty-four kingdoms and a princess of Balrampur, India. After the marriage, people from both sides gathered at Sitapur Masandevi in ​​the Arghakhanchi district. In the context of the conversation, a dispute arose that the king of Khanchikot had cheated on the princess of Balrampur and married her.

While taking Princess to the prince’s home a drop of blood was spilled from princess doli (a traditional cart-like structure made for taking the bride home) near the place where the Supa Deurali is situated. While looking inside doli bride was found dead. After that, the disease became widespread in Khanchikot state.

It is said that the diseases came to control after worshiping Supadevi.

The next legend is Supa Deurali is connected with a myth story of a Lahure “the soldier in Indian army”. It is believed that when he was going to India he worship in the temple and vowed to the deity that if he returns safely he will offer a golden chain to the temple.

Lahure tasiyako virAfter some time, he returned on holiday. Legend has it that Lahure forgot to bring gold and stuck Lahure on the wall when he tried to evade the road. The importance and discussion of this place are also increasing because the map of Lahure and the bags he was carrying can be clearly seen by looking at the place where Lahure is stuck.


Sacrifice is not worshiped in this temple on Aunsi, Purnima, Shraddha, Shravan and Magh, Ashta Tritiya, Janmashtami, Ram Navami and Ekadashi. Beside this on Every Saturday sacrifice of goat, sheep is done. Travelers passing on the way Gorusinge to Sandhikharka stop at this place and worship Supadevi.


Supa Deurali Temple is Located on the side of Gorusinge Sandhikharka Highway. You will get here some little Accommodation right near the temple. There are Local lodges just beside the Temple. You can get here food also. It is on the hilltop so don’t expect the high-level hotels.

Road Condition

The Supa Deurali Temple is located at a distance of 47 km from the Gorusinge-Sandhikharka road in Arghakhanchi district in the Lumbini Zone of western Nepal, in the gorge of the Mahabharat mountain range. The road is narrow in which two vehicles hardly pass but the best thing is, it is pitch road. The road is steep so be careful while driving.

Supa deurali temple
Photo: Supa deurali temple, Photo credit: Aayush

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