Chilancho Vihar- Kritipur

Chilancho Stupa

In this post, we are going to give you information about Chilancho Vihar (monastery) of Kirtipur, an ancient city of Nepal. The word Kirtipur literally means the “city of glory”. It is one of the most famous and religious places to visit. It is located in the Kathmandu Valley 5 km south-west of the city of Kathmandu.

Chilancho Vihar (monastery) is situated on the eastern side of Kirtipur. It has its own charms with unique architecture and beautiful artwork. In the Newar language, the word Chilan means immortal and the word Cho means Hill. Therefore, its literal meaning is the immortal god situated on the hill.

Chilancho Kritipur

Chilancho Monastery features beautiful brickwork topped by the main dome and there are four smaller domes surrounding it. It is built in Tibetan style. The dome is plastered white.

Chilancho also called “Jagatpal Mahabihar” is a historic Buddhist landmark in Kritipur. It is also known as Bajrayani Monastery. The local people call this monastery Chilancho Baha. The people of Patan and Kathmandu call this monastery Kyapu: Baha.

It was established in the 15th Century during the regime of Ratna Malla. But the Chaitya is believed to have been built by Emperor Ashoka the Great of India.

Chilancho Monastery kritipur
Chilancho Monastery. Photo By – Rojin Maharjan

There are also some small Chaityas around the monastery, which is situated on the top of the area. The sculptured carvings of buddhas all around exhibit the centuries-ago architectural era. Both Hindus and Buddhists worship at this monastery with a bell for Hindus and prayer wheels for Buddhist devotees. People celebrate a festival related to the Vihar on the full moon night of the month of September (Ashwin Purnima).

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The glorious monument of Chilancho Stupa, historians tell us that it is perhaps the oldest monument in the “citadel” town is situated at Kritipur Municipality ward number 10.

Chilancho Vihar in Google Map

How to reach

Buses leave every few minutes from Kathmandu’s Ratna Park. It takes about 25-30 minutes. Be sure you get on the right bus.



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