Is Travelling At Young Age Beneficial?

Is Travelling At Young Age Beneficial?

“Travel opens your heart, broadens your mind and fills your life with stories to tell” is the best quote that tells us the importance and the pleasure we all get from travelling. Travelling is an activity that brings joy to almost everyone. It is not only adventurous and fun but also allows us to learn different things in exciting ways. Things we learn this way stay with us forever and so it is considered to be the best way to learn about ourselves and things or people around us.

Is Travelling At Young Age Beneficial?
Nisha Shah Kathmandu University School of Management (KUSOM)

Travelling has a lot of good sides. We get to understand different types of people that live around the globe and help us to understand among whom we sit and gain some global perspective. We know how and what people think around us. It opens up our mind, makes us realise how each one of us thinks, and works differently and yet we get along.

The best part of travelling is how we get to experience different types of culture not only outside the country but also inside our own country. New food, new music, new language, etc. broadens people thinking of living their life. Another amazing part is how we can see different types of scenery every day we travel. Different cities, skyscrapers, waterfalls, hills, canyons, oceans, lakes, etc.

However, we might face some problems while travelling abroad because of language and budget issues. We might have to deal with flight delays, to stand in a lot of long queues and to confront many other problems. Nevertheless, the result of travelling is always refreshing. It is like an escape from our normal hectic life.

People of all age groups seem to love travelling. However, at a very young age, we all are too small to remember things for our entire lifetime or learn new things or experience different kinds of fun activities.

There has always been a question “Are people supposed to travel at the very decision making phase of their life that is their youth? Aren’t they supposed to study hard, pick a career?”

We all know youths are a lot creative, have better ability to understand things and are less attracted towards bookish knowledge and also amateur about the things around them. Youths have the energy to travel to a lot of different places.

They see things better, tend to understand better and interpret them in a better way. Youths tend to love exciting adventures and are not scared to figure out things. Youths especially get a chance to fight their fears by trying different fun activities, which contributes a lot in developing a person’s character.

Travelling at a young age is very beneficial as they need to know how people think differently, work differently and have a completely different lifestyle that differs from tribe to tribe and country to country.

They gain more knowledge about happiness and sadness, different cuisines and hunger, the royalties around the globe and poverty and so on. This gives them a better understanding of the world around them.

There is no better way of understanding life, which is the most important at a young age and can’t be gained from books or from staying home.

Most importantly, travelling answers a lot of questions youth may have and helps them to discover themselves in the process and contribute hugely to figure out their lives in one way or another. Travelling at any age is refreshing but is considered to be the most effective during our youth. Source: The Rising Nepal


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