Tangting Village

The village of Tangting is a natural scenic tower. Mountains, Hills the intimacy of the villagers can be seen in front of the eyes, with organic food produced in the village, and Gurung’s culture, originality, costumes, throat dancing, and the sight of mothers and young friends. It is also useful for teaching Tang Ting village, Gurung language, religion, culture, Radi, Pakhi, Doko, Namlo, Bokari, which has been knitting in the Gurung villages since time immemorial. The village is also useful for research on social development and other hydropower, natural rivers,

forests, wildlife studies. Guests are greeted by a homestay and a flower garland by local villagers. Tangting village Tamu Hula (Being a Gurung township, one can understand the culture, language, art, profession of the villagers, the way of life, the characteristics of the village, the structure of the houses, the customs of the villagers as we walk from the lower village to upper. In short, Tang ting village is a collection of tradition and natural open museums. The village has the Pandit Tole at the bottom, Mafu and Ghotane Tole on the east, Lama Thar in Siran or South, Dada gaun, Gary Thar, Dalit Vasti and Thosu on the west.

Currently, there are 14 homestays (homes and five local hotels) operating in Tangting. One house, with financial support from the UNICCA Foundation Netherlands and technical support of Nepal Red Cross Society Kaski branch, has been upgraded to tourism promotion in Tangting village after the construction of a stream, chi, and smokeless advanced stove. Currently, 14 homestays affiliated with the group, under the Housing Program, offer a warm welcome to the visitors to the village and provide organic food produced in the village. The homestead feeds pudding, local poultry meat, roast bread, lentils, cinnamon pickles, ground apples, and puppies.

Homestay in Tangting villageThe traditional village villagers sleep in their homes. The homestay has rules for keeping guests from time to time. The house in Tangting village is very clean and nice. Likewise, six hotels and lodges operated in the local village are also providing good service facilities to the tourists, both internal and external. Villagers here provide clean, tidy, family-friendly organic produce in the village. Annapurna Conservation Area Project, Nepal Tourism Board, Madi Municipality is also assisting the homestay operators.

SNName of the Home Stay OwnerHome Stay Contact no
1Pas Maya Gurung9846293036
2Purna Suba Gurung9846449095
3Chini Maya Gurung9823288147
4Til Suba Gurung9819141155
5Ash Maya Gurung9849081734
6Asmita Gurung9825166577
7Duja Maya Gurung9846350021
8Hum Kumari Gurung9826197218
9Muhan kumari Gurung9817166133
10Kamala Gurung9816132076
11Manika Gurung9829130761
12Purna Suba Gurung9817111006
13Bishnu Gurung9806643411
14Ribana Gurung9819160353


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