Tangting a new destination in rural tourism

Tangting Village

Tangting is a new destination in the rural tourism of Nepal. The beautiful village is hidden in the lap of Annapurna and Lamjung Mountain, 21 km northeast of Kaski from the Pokhara Kahu river. This village belongs to Madi village municipality ward number 2.

According to the elders, the name of Tangting village (Toni NASA) Ramailo village is made from Gurung language. In the Gurung language, Tony means fun and NASA means village. In Gurung language, to means, wild boar and Ni mean fighting. In ancient times, the place where the present Tangting village was located was a big dense forest and wild boar used to fight so this place is called tony and now Tangting. There is also a rumor that the name of Tangting village has been changed from Toniwa.

This village in the Annapurna region is a beautiful village in itself in terms of natural, social, and cultural aspects. Located at an altitude of 1165 meters above sea level, the village is cluttered with 200 houses covered with stone and tin.

In this village with a population of about one thousand, 90 percent Gurungs and the remaining 10 percent Dalits and other castes have lived together since time immemorial. Tangting Village is a model village in terms of the integrated development of Rural Tourism, agriculture, and animal husbandry.

Tangting a new destination in rural tourismThis village is naturally beautiful. In front of the eyes are the Annapurna and Lamjung mountains, green hills, and the natural scenery of the village and the surrounding landscapes. Walking around the village, it can be found as an open museum of Gurung culture.

Guests can see weaving stone-paved roads from the top to the bottom of the village, Old ladies and youngers weaving traditional Nepali hand made clothes in the courtyard of the village, and gents making Bhakari Doko of bamboo, Namlo weaving.

The religion, culture, way of life, and social harmony of the Gurungs living in the hilly region of Nepal can be seen and experienced by the guests while visiting the village. While visiting the village, Nauchu Pagi Lama Mahayani Buddhist Monastery in Pandit Tol below the village, Tangting Koiva Dhin at the head of the village, Tangting Sabha courtyard, Yum Thewa in Plov are some of the places for tourists to learn something new about Tangting.

Similarly, Puluko Danda (Selfie Danda) in the northwest, Turukyu Khola on the way, Chhatre Khola Jharna Jhiya Danda in the west and the surrounding areas can be reached in 20 minutes near the village. It takes about an hour to reach Nauchu Danda (2047 m), located south of Tangting village. From here, Annapurna, Lamjung, Machhapuchhre mountain ranges, Pokhara, and many surrounding villages can be seen.

This place is also very useful for yoga and camping. Nauchu hill is also a place of historical significance. This place is also a place of worship for the villagers every year, the heritage of Tangting’s faith.

Another tourist spot is Krabu Danda (3085 m) which is about three hours and 30 minutes walk from Tangting. It can be reached in an hour by car. This is a great place for those who want to enjoy nature and play in the snow. From here, you can see Annapurna, Lamjung Himal, Machhapuchhre Manaslu, Hiunchuli, and more than 10 other mountains. The villages of Pokhara Valley, Lamjung, and Kaski can be seen from here.

Tangting, Nauchudanda, Krabu Danda, Choro Danda, Sinku Khola. The river Kli Tangting is a four-day hike. during hiking, you can see the wild animals and birds, natural scenery.

In the same way, through Tangting, you (primitive place of Gurungs) can reach Kholasothar in one day. You can also walk to Lamjung, Manang, and Tangting. Pokhara, Tangting Sikles Ghalekharka Bhurjung River trekking, and Tangting Krabu Danda Yangjakot hiking can also be done.

The specialty of this beautiful village is to see the avalanches of the mountains from the village, intimacy, to welcome the guests when they come to the village. Also, the Gurungs have succeeded in reviving their own traditions, customs, where the status of the Gurungs is considered greater than the policy of the government.


The 14 homestays and 6 hotels in the village provide food to the guests coming to the village. There is a tradition of welcoming guests with flowers according to Gurung culture.

How to reach?

There is a bus service to Tangting on Pokhara 13 Kahu Khola at 8 am and 4 pm (time may vary). Jeep reserve is available at any time. Tangting can be reached in two hours by bus and one hour and 30 minutes by jeep. You can also go by motorcycle. Pokhara-Kahunkhola-Vijaypur Khola, Kauredanda, Chhachok, Sabima Madi Khola cross the Setikhola uphill, the upper valley reaches the pleasant Tangting.

sightseeing from Tangting
sightseeing from Tangting

Why Tangting for Tourism?

  • Friendly Environment
Tangting Village serves guest in a friendly environment which is rich in natural beauty, biodiversity, and cultures.
  • Home Stay
Locals of Tangting Village share lodging and flooding with the visitors.
  • Sightseeing

Tangting Village deals with adventure in every aspect, right from the pilgrimage to sightseeing.
  • Hike and Day Tours
Day tours in Tangting Village are not only adventurous but also mesmerizing.
  • Organic Foods

This beautiful Village offers organic foods that are produced in their own area.
  • Cultural Programs
The resident of Village performs several programs representing their cultures to entertain the visitors.


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