Places to trek from TangTing Village

Places to trek from TangTing Village

There are many places to trek from TangTing Village. Previously we have written a post about Tangting Village. Read from Here. And also we have written a post about Homestay in Tangting, Read Here. In This post, we have try to give you information about Trek From Tangting Village.

TangTing-Krabu Dada (Gurung Hill)- Cho Ro Danda Trek

Pokhara, Tangting, Krabu Dada (Gurung Hill) 3100 meters and Choro hill 3300 meters 4 days of trek to the tangting. The shrubs of Laligurans, the shrubs of the pastures wayto the music of different birds, the jungles of the Lekkali shrubs, this trek is very good way to get views of Himalayas . This trail is great for those who want to enjoy nature and
for hiking.

Tangting Khohlasothar Trek (Gurung Heritage Road)

The old place of Gurungs (primitive places) can be reached in one and a half days through Kohalosethar, Tangitang, Choru Dharamshala. It is also suitable for other non-gurungs to visit. The gurungs migrated from this settlement to different places about 1000 years ago from Kohlosother, about 3200meters above sea level.

The Kohalosethar still houses the ruins of the houses of the time, the water tight, the palace, the ruins of the king's building.In the same way, the king's horse-bouldering stone and the radish stone, the rudder-stoning stone, or the saw-stone are still to be seen.This trek is also known as Gurung Heritage Road. On the way from Tangting, Krabu to Choro Dharamshala, Tappang Dharamshala to Kohala Sotheras, various species of red gurus are seen. Sound of different birds, wild animals and lekali herbs are also found in the area. This trek can be completed in 5, 6days.

Tangting, Lamjung, Manang trek

The village of Tangting is the oldest highway for travelers visiting Lamjung and Manang. From Pokhara to Tangitang, Krabu Dada (Gurung Hill 3100m, Choro Dando 3300m), reach Bhujung, Ghanpokhara, Ghale Gaun, Bessi sahar of Lamjung.From Tangting village to the upper forest and walking under the shurbs of laligurash, listening the sound of different of birds, Sightseeing the views of Mountains( Machhapuchre, Annapurna, lamjung)to do natural yoga this is the best way a trek. Lamjung trek can be done in about 6-7days. This trek can also be done by hiring a tent or Dharamshala. Similarly, Manang can also be gone by this way. It takes about 10 to 12 days to get to Manang.

Yangjakot, Tangting, Sikles, Tarahil, Ghalekharka, Bhurjung Khola trek

Pokhara, Tangting, Yangjakot, Sikles, Tarahil, Ghalekhark, Bhujung Khola, Pokhara Hiking (The trek can also be done through Tangting). This trail can be trekked through natural panoramic scenery and wild jungle. The trek takes about 6 to 7 days to complete.

sikles from Tangting
Sikles seen from Tangting

Tangting-Krabudada Yangjakot trek

From Pokhara to Tang Ting, Nauchu hill, the forest crossing between the jungle forests for 4, 5 hours is reached after the Krabu hill reaches Gurung Hill (3100 meters). Krabu hill (After staying one night at Gurung Hill 3100meters), the next day the journey from the hill to the jungle can be completed by going downhill from Kabu hill to Yangjakot village. This trek is extremely fun, natural, and culturally important.


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