Bungee Jump in Kushma, Parbat

Bungee Jump in Kusma Parbat

Are you Looking for Bungee Jump in Kushma, Parbat? Then get ready for the word Second-highest natural Bungee Jump in Kushma, Nepal. In fact, this Bungee Jump Lies on the border of Parbat and Baglung District. So some say this Bungee jump lies in Kusma of Parbat and some say that this lies in the Balewa of Baglung. But this lies in the suspension bridge made over the Kaligandaki river which is the border of Baglung and Parbat.

We are presenting here Height, Location, Opening time and Everything about the Bungee Jump of Kushma/Balewa. It is part of province 4 (Gandaki Province) and needs to pass through the popular tourist city, Pokhara to reach here.

Bungee Jump in Kushma
Photo: Test Bungee Jump in Kushma

The 520 Meters suspension bridge connects the two districts: Parbat and Baglung. The bridge is based on the Kaligandaki river which is also known as the world’s deepest gorge. The height of the Kushma Bungee Jump is 228 Meters. Compared to The Last Resort, it is appro 65+ meters higher. Bungee Jump Kushma is only 9 meters short of the world’s highest bungee jump.

It is the tallest bungee jumping in Nepal. Kushma Bungee Jump is popular as Asia’s highest natural bungee swing. In the foothills of Himalayan beauty, the Kushma bungee jump is an added adventure. It’s definitely the adventure enthusiast’s wish list and a bucket list to many all over the world.

Suspension Bridge for Bungee in Kushma
Photo: Suspension Bridge for Bungee in Kushma during winter

Based on the gorge of the Kali Gandaki river, Bungee jumping in Kushma is one of the most adventurous activities comprised of the mind-blowing natural settlement. The one-day trip can be made from Pokhara, but if you want to explore more of this region, it takes a couple of days. The cultural spectrums and natural beauty of Kushma offer more to the elite adventure enthusiasts in its heavenly settlement. Apart from the comfy and cozy bustles, explore the world’s second-highest Bungee Jumping in Nepal with the thrill. Kushma is also home to three of the suspension bridges of Nepal and one mechanical bridge. Strolling through the suspension bridges are exciting and adventurous to many. Moreover, Kushma has it all.

Best time to visit Kushma?

Bungee Jumping is a year-round activity. However, some months are unfavorable because of the weather conditions and climate. Monsoon is a little ill-favored because of the rainfall. The months from June to August are monsoon season in Nepal. Spring, Summer, autumn and winter season are favorable for Bungee Jumping. However, the most favorable season for bungee jumping in Kushma is Spring and Summer. Spring comes with the blossom of the wonderful floral beauty of mountains. And summer having a beautiful ambiance with moderate temperature.

How to reach?

Located about 60 Km from the gateway to the Himalayas – Pokhara, the Kushma’s Bungee Jumping is accessible to the tourists visiting Nepal. The easy reach from Pokhara makes it more reliable and accessible to this remarkable adventure in Nepal. The one-day excursion can be made from Pokhara to Kushma for Bungee jumping. The Bus/jeep from Pokhara directly takes you to the Kushma. It’s around a three-hour drive from Pokhara. However, you can hire a private vehicle to reach there if you want a convenient and as per your wish’ trip.

Kali gandaki river
Photo: Kali Gandaki river

Opening Time

Kusma Bungee Jump is open from 7 am in the morning to 7 pm in the evening.

Note: Time may vary according to the weather condition so please contact the resort for further detail.


Kusma- Balewa is in a remote area. You can not find much option for Accommodation. The Cliff resort itself is managing Accommodation for the tourist. The Cliff itself is providing different packages which include transportation from Pokhara, Lunch, adventure like bungee jump, Swing, etc.

For Booking and Inquiries, you can contact in the following details of the Cliff Pvt. Ltd.

Pokhara: 061590900

Kushma: 067422228

Kathmandu: 014413997

For Price and Detail, you can see in the official Facebook page of The Cliff here

Suspension Bridge for bungee jump
Photo: Suspension Bridge for bungee jump in Kushma

Kusma’s Bungee Jumping took the adventure in Nepal to the next level.

The Heart pounding thrill of Bungee Jumping in Kushma is a memorable activity to experience. Also, The Kaligandaki’s beauty, with the wonderful Himalayan views and the amazing rural cultural attractions of Kushma, this Bungee Jumping is an activity that lasts a lifetime. Kushma certainly added a new dimension to the adventure enthusiasts and attracts a lot of people with the immensity of its offerings.

Find The Cliff Pvt. Ltd. Bungee Jump in Google Map

Note: Bungee Jump schedule is managed by the weight so if your weight is below 60 then the chances of doing bungee earlier is higher. Bungee master will install rope as per the weight group so can’t guarantee the time schedule of jump early during the reservation period. So inquiry while traveling for bungee. 



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