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Phungphunge waterfall – Tourist Destination in Taplejung

Phungphunge water falls

Phungphunge Falls (Fungfunge falls/ Phungphunge waterfalls) is a captivating tourist destination in the Mikwakhola Rural Municipality of Taplejung. The surrounding high hills and the green forest at the foot of the hills, the chirping sounds of various species of birds. This is an environment that attracts everyone who visits the Phungphunge waterfall in Sawa in the Mikwakhola village municipality of Taplejung.

Moreover, the welcome and intimacy of the Limbu community of Sawa village near the waterfall are even more enticing. That is why those who have reached the waterfall area do not try to return immediately. Fungfunge waterfall and the welcome and intimacy of the local community. This is the specialty here. The waterfall, which used to be anonymous, is attracting many people in the same way nowadays.

Religious and cultural significance

This waterfall is not only full of natural beauty but also has tourist and religious significance. The waterfall should be considered as a symbol of power. There is also a shrine of the goddess Phungphunge near the foot of the waterfall. Devotees go here to worship the goddess.

Phungphunge Jharana
Photo: Phungphunge Waterfall

Accommodation near Phungphunge waterfall

You can stay and eat at Fangfangden Community Homestay which is the nearest place for your Accommodation. This community homestay has been started in the settlement near the waterfall with the help of organizations including the Himalayan Conservation Forum.

Tourists visiting the homestay can observe the traditional dances of the Limbu community such as Dhan Nach, Hakpare Khayali, Chabrung Nach, Bijuwa Nach and also dance and sing. These dances of the Limbu community tend to be very attractive. These dances are performed to welcome the guests who come to their village, during fairs, festivals, weddings and other festivals.
Limbu Weeding dance
File Photo: Limbu Weeding dance
In the homestay, you can also taste the traditional food of the Limbu community, Tongwa Sukuti, various food items based on local products, Sisnu Dhindo, local chicken meat, etc. In the Limbu community, it is customary to wear the sign of Solti Soltini. It’s fun to call and greet each other in this sign. Which has also increased self-reliance with the local community.

How to Reach Phungphunge Waterfall

Phungphunge Waterfall is in Mikwakhola Rural Municipality in Taplejujg. At first, you have to reach Taplejung and then towards Mikwakhola.

Kathmandu to Taplejung by Bus

If you are looking for cheaper options to reach Taplejung is then book the bus ticket. Daily buses leave to Taplejung from Kathmandu, Gongabu Bus Park. The total journey is approx 23 HRS if everything goes smoothly. The bus will make a few stops on the way before reaching Taplejung. If you want to see the real face of Nepal then this journey will be one option for you. The road condition is good and the buses are basic.  It makes the journey of 23 Hours. These buses are non-A/C buses and have limited facilities and don’t have amenities like mobile charges, reading light, Private fans and so on. If you need to eat frequently then we urge you to stock your day foods accordingly.

Kathmandu to Taplejung by Jeep

Compared to the bus ride, Kathmandu by Taplejung by Jeep is a quite expensive traveling option. However, having said that, this is also the recommended and the best way to reach by surface. Since you are traveling by Jeep, you should stay on the way before reaching Taplejung. For your stay, Illam will be the best hill station to take a rest for a night. You can make a stopover in different nearby attractions during this visit. Places like, Janakpur Dham, Koshi Barrage, Dharan, Kanyam are to name a few. You also don’t need to make a round of Narayanghat during your tour to Taplejung. B.P. Koirala Highway will be an ideal road to travel by Jeep to reach your prime destination.

File Photo: A view of Taplejung

Kathmandu to Suketar by Flight

Kathmandu to Suketar by flight is the easiest way to reach. But, due to the only flight from Kathmandu and the weather condition doesn’t make it please for travelers. Passengers often need to return back from Kathmandu due to weather conditions.

A resting place has been constructed for observing the waterfall and the horse path has also been made organized. Some infrastructure works are also underway.
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