World’s second highest bungee jumping to begin in Balewa

second highest bungee jumping

BALEWA: The Cliff Pvt Ltd is bringing into operation bungee jumping from the suspension bridge over Kaligandaki gorge from October 31.

Adventure sports including bungee, swing and sky cycling would be conducted from the 525-meter bridge connecting Parbat’d district headquarters Kushma and Balewa of Baglung.

The bridge construction had started in 2016. Though the construction of the bridge along with a resort was completed in mid-April this year, the service could not begin owing to the prolonged lockdown, company chair Raju Karki shared.

A platform has been constructed in between the suspension bridge and just above Kaligandaki River for bungee jumping and swing. The height of the bridge from the rivulet is 228 meters or 748 feet.

second highest bungee jumping
suspension bridge for bungee jumping

As per the current record, the world’s highest bungee is located in Macau with a height measuring 764 feet while the second biggest is in the Verzasca dam of Switzerland, which is 720 feet.

Following the completion of the current project of The Cliff Pvt Ltd, Nepal will register its name as the country with the world’s second-biggest bungee jump leaving Switzerland behind.

Meanwhile, Chairperson Karki said, the swing would be the world’s highest. Rs 7,000 per person has been fixed for bungee and swing. One needs to pay Rs 8,450 for bungee or swing with two-way vehicle service from Pokhara to Kushma.

Constructed at the cost of Rs 200 million, the resort and bridge would substantially contribute to boosting tourism in the Baglung district.


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