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Siddha Gufa – Siddha Cave

Siddha Cave Siddha gufa

Siddha Cave or Siddha Gufa is a cave located in Bimalnagar, Tanahun District, Nepal. It is the largest cave in Nepal and the second-largest cave in South Asia. It’s around 0.5 kilometers inside and and about 50 meters in height which can fit about 2,500 people inside it. It provides an astounding experience inside the darkness of the cave.
Nestled beneath the mountains of Bandipur, this limestone cave has structures similar to the faces of animals which make it unique from many other caves in Nepal. Being the largest cave in the country, it obviously offers or provides the best experiences of experience or come into contact with the dark environment, bats chattering and many more. This cave has an interesting combination of natural beauty, adventure and cultural significance.

Siddha caveGetting There

The hiking trail towards the cave slippery and stone path, so special attention should be given while hiking. Siddha Gufa trek can be started from Bandipur (which is also a popular tourist destination). From Bandipur to Siddha Cave, the trip is about a half day with a small hike of around one and a half hours. The hiking trail starts from the north end of the village and the path is not so good but not so difficult too.

Read about Bandipur and how to reach here

In contrast to this route, you can also hike from Bimalnagar which is in Prithivi Highway up to the cave, which only takes around 45 minutes to reach the destination (i.e. cave). The route have nearly 1200 stairs to the cave .

Siddha gufa
At the entrance of the gate, there are many guides and they cost Rs.200 and flashlights are also available for hire. It is recommended to take or hire a guide to visit the cave. Cave entrance fee is only Rs.20 for Nepalese citizen and it is little . Inside the cave, you can experience a little world without light which is found to be very adventurous as well as enjoyable and memorable too. The cave opens at 7 am in the morning and closes at 7 pm in the evening. The cave has a main entrance that most of the people use and then if you walk further up there’s a gated off section that has another entrance that requires you to abseil into the cave in two stages – one 15m drop and one 50m drop.
However, the best part of the trip includes a visit to the largest cave throughout the country where saint in living inside the cave and is also the sketch of ancient saint caved into the stone. The trip is adventurous as you have to cross the places that can only be crossed using the ropes and Bandipur, itself is a famous tourist destination offering various attractions.

Our Tips

  • You must be physically fit to hike and inside cave also.
  • Take yourself Head torch if possible.
  • Hire guide which can be available in entrance in about Nrs 200.



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