Simba Falls-a hidden paradise in Lalitpur

Simba Falls

Simba falls is the combination of 5 small waterfalls in Manikhel. The name comes from the Tamang language denoting how cold the water is. The waterfall lies amidst a green forest. Simba Falls is a well-kept secret in Manikhel, about 45-50 km away from Kathmandu city. The trail is one hour long but is quite difficult in monsoon. But it’s a great weekend activity. Also, the scenery is captivating. As soon as your sensory receptors touch the cold and serene water, you feel delightful and pure.

Manikhel – Lalitpur

It is a Tamang village located on the hills near Kathmandu, at a height of more than 2,000 meters from the sea level. The view from the village is outstanding and the local people are very warm and welcoming.

Lately, Manikhel is getting more popularity because of its nearby jaw-dropping waterfall called Simba Falls.

Some Facts of Simba Falls

  1. Distance from Kathmandu: 45-50 KM
  2. Altitude from Sea Level: 2,000 meters +
  3. Simba Waterfalls Location: Lies in Mahankal Rural Municipality 2 (Between Manikhel Khawa and Rigin Dada)
  4. Route: Ring Road Satdobato – Chapagaun – Lele – Bhardev – Chaugharey – Gotikhel – Manikhel

View from Simba waterfallHow to Get There?

Manikhel (Simba Falls) is just about 40-45 KM from Kathmandu, but the drive may take around 4-5 hrs to reach there.

You can go either in a private vehicle or in a public vehicle, it’s up to you.

On the way to Simba Falls1. The first way is to take a local bus from Ratnapark (Opposite of Bir Hospital), Kathmandu to Lagankhel-Chapagaun-Manikhel. The fare is around NPR 200 per person (one way)(Fare may vary). First, you’ll have to take a bus to Chapagaun from Ratnapark. Then from Chapagaun Pyang Gaau Buspark, you can get another bus to Manikhel.

2. You can also go in your private vehicle (Motorbike/Car)

3. Also you can rent a car with a driver, which costs around NPR 8,000 for a day, or hire a Motorcycle which can cost you around NPR 1,500 per day.

Note: From Chapagaun, it’ll take around 3-4 hrs on the bike to reach Manikhel, whereas it’ll take around 4-5 hrs on a local bus. And It’ll take around 45 mins to reach Simba Falls from Manikhel Rigin Dobhan.

Simba FallsTravel Tip to Simba Falls

  1. Situated at an altitude of 2000 meters with cold and damp weather wear warm and waterproof clothing. Be prepared for some leeches if you are traveling here during the monsoon.
  2. Better to carry cash than to rely on ATM.
  3. If you are traveling here through public transport better to stay overnight as returning on the same day might be difficult. If in a private vehicle keep your tank full and start your journey earlier in the morning.
  4. The best time to explore this place is during August-September.
  5. Climb the nearby hill which is opposite to waterfall to see all five waterfalls.
  6. Follow the local’s Advice and travel in Group.
  7. Visit the local factory and pick up a bottle of medicated oil.


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