Sky cycling in Kaligandaki gorge

Sky cycling in Nepal

The Cliff Pvt. Ltd claims to have built the world’s tallest sky cycling on its own resort premises. The height of the sky cycling is 228 meters and the length is 300 meters between Balewa of Baglung and Kushma of the Parbat. Sky cycling is made using steel core cable.

The route, which is 300 meters long on both sides, can be cycled by two people at a time, said Raju Karki, president of The Cliff. Karki informed that sky cycling has been prepared as per international standards and high vigilance of safety precautions will be taken in its operation. Karki said that the company will provide the necessary cycles and other safety equipment for cycling.

Both the cycle and the passenger will be tied with safety ropes. Karki said the company, plans to develop the area as an adventure hub and other activities will be added in the future.

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