Nepal’s tallest and model swing

Nepal's tallest and model swing

Nepal’s tallest and model swing has been constructed by The Cliff Pvt.Ltd. in its own resort area. Previously it had made the world’s second-highest Bungy Jump .

The height of the bridge made for Bungy Jump connecting Kushma of Parbat and Balewa of Baglung is 228 meters, while the height of swing is 248 meters above the river.

The Swing, which is 12 meters high from the ground, is different from the swings made in Nepal so far. It is built in the style of a slingshot. Normally, the swing has to be shaken by others, but when the person sits on it, the machine pulls it from behind and leaves the swing, and the swing takes its speed.

Nepal's tallest and model swing

Raju Karki, chairman of The Cliff, said that high-security precautions have been taken in the construction and operation of swing. Karki said that high-quality ropes are used for adventure sports including rock climbing.

The swing was designed by Indian engineer Jagmohan Jangra. According to The Cliff, the swing was built on his technical suggestions.

The company, which has also built the world’s tallest swing and sky cycling, plans to develop the area as an adventure hub and other activities will be added in the future, Karki said.

Due to the epidemic of the corona virus, the country has been shut down so far. Therefore, as soon as the corona is under control, bungee, swing, sky cycling, and ping pong will come into operation, said by The Cliff admin.

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