Rato Matsyendranath’s Chariot ride from 25 July 2020

Rato Matsyendranath's chariot ride

Rato Matsyendranath’s chariot ride is scheduled for Saturday, July 25. The construction work of the chariot, which was halted due to corona on April 12, was resumed on June 24. But the chariot had not been ridden yet.

According to Rakshan Rajopadhyay, priest of Patan Taleju Temple, the moment has been set for July 25. Kirti Madan Joshi, who is also a member of the Panchang Judging Committee, has decided to start the chariot ride from 12:10 pm to 12:25 pm and start the procession on the same day.

It was customary to hold a Chariot ride on the fourth day of the Matsyendranath being ridden on the chariot. This time, the procession started on the day of the chariot ride, but other processes will continue, said Rajopadhyay.

After the Matsyendranath gets ridden on the chariot on Saturday, Krishna temple Rajopadhyayas called Sheshe Bajya, They are offered cows. After that, at around 4 pm, the soldiers of the Gurju platoon fired their guns, and formally Chariot ride starts.

After the start of the Chariot ride, the chariot in Pulchowk is pulled to the four corners of Gabhal on July 25. On the first day of the Chariot ride, the chariot is duly worshiped and placed in the same chowk. On the second day, the Chariot is pulled from Gabhal to Mangalbazar.

रातो मत्स्येन्द्रनाथChariot is kept in Sundhara on the third and fourth days. Every morning and evening worship is performed in the chariot.

Similarly, on the fifth day, the chariot is placed in the empty space next to the old Balkumari Peetha before Mahabuddha. The next day, the chariot is rotated on a tree in Lagankhel and kept there.

The next day, the chariot should be placed in the upper chowk of Lagankhel and sacrificed. The wheel of the chariot is considered to be the form of Bhairav. After offering sacrifices there, only the women pull the chariot to Lagankhel at 6-7 am the next morning.

Then they look at another holy time and drag it to Jawalakhel. Bhoto (A kind of cloth) is shown on the fourth day of Jawalakhel.

Matsyendranath is taken to Bungmati in the evening on the day of Bhoto. Rajopadhyay informed that this year’s Red Matsyendranath Jatra will be completed after Matsyendranath is duly installed in the temple at Bungmati.Rato Matsyendranath's Chariot ride from 25 July 2020

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