Rato Matsyendranath's Chariot ride

July 23, Kathmandu.

It has been decided to mount Rato Matsyendranath’s chariot ride on July 25. A meeting of Guthi Sansthan, Jyapu Samaj, astrologers, and others held at Lalitpur Metropolitan City on Thursday decided to mount the chariot on Saturday, said Rajan Bhuju, office chief of Guthi Sansthan Lalitpur.

The same decision was taken on Wednesday afternoon. But the institute announced on Wednesday night that the previous announcement for chariot ride had been postponed due to the coronavirus.

A meeting with the chief of the metropolis Chiribabu Maharjan on Thursday decided to ride the chariot at the same time as scheduled on Wednesday. The construction of the chariot, which was halted due to corona, was resumed in April 24. But the chariot has not been ridden yet.

Kirti Madan Joshi, who is also a member of the Panchang Judging Committee, has decided to start the chariot ride from 12:10 pm to 12:25 pm and start the procession on the same day.


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