Social Distance in TIA

The airports that were closed due to the lockdown on March 24 are preparing to operate by reducing the risk of COVID -19. The airports have completed the flight preparations as per the criteria prepared by the Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal(CAAN). Many airlines have made guidelines for their own flight.

CAAN has said that it is ready to operate the airport keeping in mind the health of passengers across the country. “It is up to the cabinet to decide when the flight will open,” said Rajkumar Chhetri, Deputy Director and Spokesperson for the CAAN. “All airports are ready to operate in compliance with health and safety standards.”

The government is initially preparing to open domestic flights. Nepal is also preparing to open International flights for many countries including neighboring India which have already opened domestic flights. The government is preparing to immediately repatriate 25,000 stranded citizens to Nepal by air. Besides, millions of Nepalis who have gone for foreign employment want to return home. The government is preparing to bring in as much as possible.

Accordingly, passengers at the airport will no longer be as free as before. They will have to abide by the rules made by the airport. There are 10 main rules that all passengers must follow after the flight opens.

  1. Passengers are only allowed to enter the airport.
  2. All the passengers must wear a mandatory mask before entering the airport.
  3. They will have to use sanitizer when entering or exiting the aircraft.
  4. Fever (temperature) will be checked twice before entering the terminal building and boarding the aircraft.
  5. The health desk at Tribhuvan International Airport will scan all passengers arriving in Nepal with thermal guns and thermal cameras.
  6. Passengers will have to maintain a social distance after boarding and it is mandatory to maintain distance from each other while talking at the counter.
  7. Likewise, passengers will have to fill in all the details in the form including where they are, where they are going, contact number.
  8. Passengers should mention their condition on the form along with their health report
  9. Passengers will have to leave a place while waiting in line or resting inside the airport.
  10. The lines are lined up for sitting and it is also written which seat to sit on while resting.

Instruction for flight passenger-postcovid


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