Narayan Kali gave birth to Calf
Photo Credit: Chitwan National Park

An elephant named Narayankali gave birth to a Calf at the Elephant Breeding and Training Center in Khorasor, Sauraha of Chitwan National Park yesterday.

Information Officer of the park Lokendra Adhikari informed that Narayan Kali gave birth to a Calf last night. The official said that the baby male elephant and the mother are healthy. This is the second Calf of an elephant born in the current fiscal year at the breeding center. Three elephant feeders have been deployed to take care of the pregnant elephants.

The elephant was taken to the Khorsor Breeding Center after she became pregnant while she was working at the Bagai Sector Office in Madi. NarayanKali has already given birth to two elephants named Madi Gaj and Lucky Gaj.

Both elephants also participated in the rhino census. Along with this newborn baby elephant, 10 elephant calves are growing at Khorasor. Similarly, 51 elephants from Chitwan and 6 elephants from Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve, a total of 57 elephants are at work in Chitwan National park.


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