Mayadevi Temple Lumbini

Buddha’s birthplace Lumbini has reopened after eight months. The government decided to open tourist sites last Friday and the international tourist destination Lumbini has also been opened.

With the opening of Lumbini for tourists, the bustle of domestic tourists has started. Now, tourists will be able to visit the Mayadevi temple complex in Lumbini, the birthplace of the Buddha, the Ashoka Pillar, the Pushkarini Pond, the garden and the Bihar of different countries by adopting the standards of health care.

As soon as Lumbini was opened, hoteliers lit lamps at the Mayadevi temple premises on Wednesday evening, wishing for world peace, organized by the Lumbini Hotel Association.

Lilamani Sharma Poudel, general secretary of the Lumbini Hotel Association, said that local hoteliers and other interested people will continue lighting lamps at the Ashoka Pillar premises adjacent to the Mayadevi temple every day from 5 pm to 7 pm. “After eight months of visiting the Mayadevi temple and visiting Lumbini, the day it was opened, there was an influx of domestic tourists,” Poudel said.

Gyanin Rai, senior officer and chief administrative officer of the Lumbini Development Fund, said that every tourist should be measured and must wear a mask before entering the Mayadevi temple premises. “Now that the Mayadevi temple complex, all the places in the holy garden area and temples and Bihar

Rai said that the sidewalk leading to the Mayadevi temple from Mahilbar-5 has been made attractive by laying colored bricks and the grass in the Mayadevi temple premises has been made beautiful by cutting grass and dubo.

The three-month season from September to December is the busiest season for domestic tourists in Lumbini. Hari Rai, information officer of the Lumbini Development Fund, said that an average of 1.5 lakh tourists visits the area during this period. It is estimated that more than one lakh domestic tourists visit Lumbini every month this season last year.

Lumbini, the birthplace of the Buddha, was closed due to the global corona epidemic. Eleven organizations, including hoteliers in Lumbini, had requested the Lumbini Development Fund through a memorandum to open the Mayadevi temple after domestic tourists did not come.

s have been opened, it will soon be open to the public inside the Mayadevi temple as well,” Rai said.

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