Gaura Festival

Gaura Festival

Gaura festival is celebrated as a blessing by the married women who follow the Vedic Sanatan rites with greenery and drops of water. It is celebrated in the month of Bhadra (August-September). The search for the roots of Nepal’s language and culture is of great importance in the Far Western landscape and its owner’s background. In the far west, which is the birthplace of the Khas kingdom and the roots of Khas language, culture, and civilization, the Gaura festival is celebrated by organizing various religious activities from the 6th to the 8th of Bhadra Shukla. Especially in Doti and Kumaon, Gauraparva has been celebrated since time immemorial. Gauri i.e. goddesses Parvati is considered to be the almighty and Gaura festival is celebrated in her memory.

Gaura Festival
Local artists perform during Gaura Festival in Dhandagdi

On the first day of Gaura Parva, the women of the Gaura Parva community go on a fast and soak ‘Biruda’ i.e. five kinds of nuts in a copper or brass vessel in their house and accept it as an offering. On the second day after soaking the biruda, they wash the ‘biruda’ at the water source at an auspicious time and make a statue of Gaura and enter the gaura house. After Gaura enters the Gauraghar, Shiva and Gauri (Gaura) are worshiped by devout women. After Gaura is brought into the Gauraghar, Shiva and Gauri (Gaura) are worshiped by devout women. After entering Gaura, men and women enjoy playing deuda, chait, dhamari, etc. in the local folk language separately.

Gaura parva
A Woman from far western region carrying idol of goddess Gauri dance Gaura dance while celebrating Gaura festival

Through such songs with special Nepali ownership, they share each other’s sorrows and joys as well as love. This festival is celebrated as one of the biggest festivals in the far western region. Nowadays, people of the far west worship Gauri by offering thread on the occasion of the Gaura festival. It is believed that worshiping Shiva and Gauri in this festival not only helps to increase religious, faith, and mutual harmony among the people but also brings happiness and peace and pleases the deity.




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