.Chitlang is an organic village in the way of living life in an organic style located in the Thaha Municipality of Makwanpur District, Bagmati Province, Nepal. It is about 22 KM from Kathmandu in the southwest direction. Before Opening of TRIBHUWAN RAJPATH (High way to link India and Kathmandu), CHITLANG was only one “On foot Highway” to get India and the Southern part of Nepal. Normally, motors carry people; it is only the place in the world, where vehicles were carried by people because there was no road connecting Kathmandu valley and BHIMPHEDI.

There are lots of evidence, which shows that there was a civilized society in ancient centuries. Many temples with amazing wood and stone carving, artistic rest houses, stone taps, the available inscription of centuries-long are the proof of those civilized societies.

This village is surrounded by beautiful green forests. There you can see more than 160 species of birds and animals. The large green fields are added attractions of Chitlang. There is a big Apple garden with more than a thousand apple trees. Few cottages are constructed recently in between the garden, which provides an exciting stay for the tourists.


Why Chitlang?

It offers an amazing experience with a combination of natural beauty and cultural heritage. Famous as the gateway of motor cars carried on the back of people. It offers visitors an opportunity of village homestay where you can interact and get insight into the rural life in Nepal. The hills of Chitlang offer one of the best hiking/trekking around Kathmandu. Chitlang boasts of 160 bird species and bird watching is something you can enjoy here. Camping and cycling here provide you an opportunity of getting closer to the un-disrupted ecology in the locality. The largest man-made lake in Nepal, Kulekhani (also known as Indrasarovar) is a short walk of 40 minutes from Chitlang.


There are several means to reach Chitlang from the capital city With the introduction of a cable car to the top of the ridge, one can reduce the hike to just going downhill from the top after a short ride. Buses and smaller vehicles leave from Kathmandu and reach Taukhel near Chitlang via Kulekhani. It is an easy one hour walk from Taukhel. Buses from Hetauda go all the way to Chitlang also via Kulekhani and leave for Hetauda in the morning.

Above Thankot is a settlement known as Godam from where some pickup vehicles leave for Chitlang in the morning and go via the Chandragiri pass; it’s the shortest route taking about an hour. One set of buses travel via Pharping near Dakshinkali and takes about three hours but don’t reach Chitlang, with Taukhel being the closest point. The other vehicles take the old Tribhuvan Highway to reach Kulekhani. The pick-up vehicles to Kathmandu from Chitlang leave in the morning while the bus leaves from Taukhel in the afternoon.


Accommodation in Chitlang

There are several homestays to stay at an affordable price. Home Stay Association controls these homestays. The office is beside the main road which decides the rates and where the guests should stay. The resort is on the other side of the river.

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