Budhanilkantha-Rauchuli-Gosaikunda Footpath

Budhanilkantha-Rauchuli-Gosaikunda Footpath for trek

Rasuwa Nuwakot Tourism Society has studied the feasibility of ‘Budhanilkantha-Rauchuli-Gosaikunda Footpath’.

Using the time of lockdown, society has studied the footpath from June 26 to July 3.

Starting from Kathmandu, Budhanilkantha, The footpath goes through  Shivpuri, Nuwakot’s Alche, Manebhanjyang, Samundratar, Bhangeri, Bagmara, Sagarkund, Rauchuli, Chyarkungchuli, Rasuwa’s Naukunda, Laurivina, Saraswati Kunda, Bhairabkunda to Gosainkunda than to Singgompa and finally reaches to Dhunche.

Starting from Kathmandu, pedestrians can return to Kathmandu in a week by enjoying the view of Nuwakot-Rasuwa village, hills and mountain. 

According to Balram Neupane, president of the society and senior businessman, this footpath will be suitable for both internal and external pedestrians as various footpaths in Nepal have been getting narrower and shorter recently.

“Finding and promoting footpaths will allow tourists to taste new destinations and prolong the stay of tourists,” said Chairman Neupane.

“This trekking tour has sent a positive message to the tourism sector affected by the Corona epidemic.”

This is a potential tourist trail.

According to Dinesh Tamang, secretary of the society participating in the study and a young tourism activist, the Corona epidemic has weakened the tourism sector, and the study visit will send a positive message that Nepal’s tourism sector is alive.

This study visit has added a new ray of hope to Nepal’s tourism sector.

He hopes that a golden day will come soon with the end of the epidemic and the tourism sector will make progress towards improvement.

This footpath will attract domestic and international tourists.

Naturally and religiously popular the Gosainkunda area can attract tourists. It is also an attractive destination for nature, adventure and mountain lovers.

Board member of Nepal Tourism Board and senior tourism entrepreneur Deepak Mahat expressed happiness over the completion of the study tour between Corona epidemic keeping the minimum social distance and following the guidelines of COVID-19.

“We will work with the local government and the state government to carry out the necessary maintenance, signage and promotion,” he said.

Similarly, Nuwakot District Coordinating Committee Chief Santman Tamang said that nature can be enjoyed in this trek through hilly villages, dense forests and barren hills.Rauchuli Gosaikunda Trek 1

“Natural beauty, Tamang, Sherpa, Chhetri Brahmin’s rural lifestyle and culture can be studied and observed,” said Chief Tamang.

Tamang, a resident of Bhangeri, was himself involved in the tourism business for a long time.

From Rauchuli (3,785 m) and Chyarkungchuli (4,587 m), you can see the hills of Snowy white mountains, hills, river, Valley of Nuwakot and Rasuwa districts as well as Kathmandu Valley.

Beautiful views of sunrise and sunset.

There are 108 ponds in Langtang National Park. Dozens of lakes are found on the journey.

Gagan Raj, a member of the society, said, “This is the footpath of lakes and lakes. Lakes like Eklekunda, Chherakunda, Kamikamini Kunda, Naukunda, Rajaranikunda, Lamokunda, Saraswati Kunda, Bhairavkunda, Gosainkunda are in the footpath. The beauty of these lakes fascinates everyone.

Urja Tamang, a young tourism worker of the study team, said, “Currently, there are no hotel and lodge facilities. Camping trek should be run.” There are sheepfolds everywhere. ‘ Footpaths should be improved and signs should be put up in places. ‘

During the trip, stay in Alche, Manebhanjyang, Bagmara, Sagarkund, Rauchuli, Elrkekund, Gosainkund and Dhunche.


The Rasuwa Nuwakot Tourism Society has conducted a one-week feasibility study with the help of Nepal Tourism Board.

Tourists Shiva Lamichhane, Dinesh Tamang, Urja Tamang, Gagan Raj Neupane, Surendra Rana and Ashok Silwal were part of the study team.


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