Adult and calf rhinos found dead

Rhinos Found dead

CHITWAN, Nov 05: Two adult and calf rhinos were found dead in the western area of Chitwan National Park. CNP’s information officer and assistant conservation officer Ashok Ram informed the adult and calf rhinos were found dead at Laukhani of the park. A patrol squad of Nepal Army which was entrusted with the responsibility of park security found the dead rhinos on Wednesday afternoon, Ram said.

He further said the deceased female rhino was found without horn so poaching was suspected behind the incident. According to him, there is a similarity in the nature of the death of a rhino that occurred three months ago and that of Wednesday. At least 11 rhinos have so far died in Chitwan in the current fiscal year. Nine of them died naturally, the CNP sources said. According to the 2015 census, there are a total of 645 rhinos including 605 at CNP.

The rhino was found dead


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