Two new species of birds spotted

Greater White Fronted Goose
Photo: Greater White Fronted Goose


Two new species of birds have been spotted in Nawalparasi (Bardaghat, East of Susta) during the ongoing water bird census.

The water bird census that started on January 1 will continue till January 16.

Coordinator of bird census in western sector of Chitwan National Park DB Chaudhary said that Greater White Fronted Goose and Black-Headed Brambling were found in this year’s census. “These two species of birds were not found in the last year’s census. But, they are spotted near the Narayani riverbank this year,” Chaudhary added.

This year, a total of 38 species of water birds have been spotted in Nawalpur area alone. According to Chaudhary, 10 species of birds that were found last year have not appeared so far during the ongoing census.

It is said that the number of birds has sharply decreased this year compared to the last year.

Black-Headed Brambling
Black-Headed Brambling

The number of bar-headed Goose (Khoya Hans), a migratory bird coming from Siberia to escape cold, is recorded the most this year.

Coordinator Chaudhary said that the number of Ruddy Shelducks, known as Chakhewa, has also witnessed a sharp decline this year.

Similarly, the number of migratory birds has decreased though the number of local birds found in the Narayani river and wetlands there has not changed fundamentally.

Ruddy Shelducks Chakhewa
Ruddy Shelducks (Chakhewa)

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