Tourist activities formally reopened

July 30, Kohalpur, Tourist activities that were completely closed after 24 March 2020 have been formally reopened from today. Companies dealing in hotels, mountaineering, trekking and touring businesses have opened their offices from today.

According to Khum Bahadur Subedi, president of the Trekking Agencies Association of Nepal (TAAN), the offices are open in a few numbers only. However, many entrepreneurs are not in the mood to open offices as there will be no business immediately.

“We plan to send the message that tourism Activities are open in Nepal from today,” he said. According to Subedi, the interest of tourists seems to be enough. He informed that the tourists are asking with interest when the flight will start in Nepal, how many people can come in groups, whether they should stay in quarantine after coming to Nepal or not.

What’s the Situation?

Despite the announcement that the tourism sector is open in Nepal, there will be no immediate tourism environment. Also, there is restriction in Nepal up to 16th August. Restrictions on air and road transport make it mandatory to pass from one district to another. Pass is not available for sightseeing purposes.

Subedi says, “For some time now, we have to create an environment, implement measures to ensure we are safe, we are ready to work for that, the government should monitor effectively.”

According to Mira Acharya, director of the tourism department, the ministry is discussing the modalities to be adopted for quarantine. A circular will be issued to all the entrepreneurs after reaching this conclusion.

On the same basis, tourism activities will move forward. The government has decided to allow the offices of travel and trekking agencies to open from July 30. Entrepreneurs can now accept bookings. This booking is for the autumn season.

Tourists going for trekking in September-December can now book for a visit to Nepal. Next season’s mountaineering is also open.

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