Top tips for Monsoon Travel in Nepal

Monsoon tourism

Traveling during the rainy season can add a level of complication. There are changes in plans, delays, and water almost everywhere. But if you’ve ever experienced monsoon in its full glory, then only you’d realize there is no other season like it. Gloomy, yet mischievous sky, the freshness of the air, the sound of raindrops, get ready for this monsoon season with our travel tips.

The monsoon season occurs from June through to August. Days are warm (up to 30°C), wet and with high humidity. Due to Nepal’s topography, rains often occur at night, resulting in beautiful morning scenery.

Here are the Top tips for Monsoon Travel in Nepal

Be Prepared for Travel

During monsoon season, it’s inevitable – you and your belongings will get wet. Synthetic fabric is known to be more breathable and easy to pack, the best company for your journey. Pack clothes and items that are lightweight and easy to dry. Also, opt for a water-resistant watch or cell phone case or even your travel backpack.

Check Weather

The fact that most of the region is drenched in torrential rains makes checking weather forecasts while traveling an important task. This comes handy when you are out trekking in The Himalayas or in the hilly sides.

Travelling in MonsoonBackpack Essentials

  1. Don’t forget the essentials: raincoats and umbrellas. While this may seem more like an obvious point, it is a very significant one. Also, weather-appropriate footwear is a must. Tuck away all your fancy, leather shoes and carry waterproof shoes and floaters to stroll around or hike in comfort.
  2.  Carry a hairdryer. This might seem like a beauty tip, but there’s more to it. Make sure you dry your hair to avoid getting cough and cold.

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Carry insect repellents

More rain means more pools of water where mosquitoes can breed. Puddles especially become breeding grounds for such insects. With mosquitoes, diseases are rampant and travel through the air and water. So it’s best to carry insect repellents to keep mosquito-borne diseases like malaria and dengue fever at bay.

Rain in NepalPortable Water Purifier

As water-borne diseases swirl around in monsoon season, avoid drinking water from an unreliable source. Always carry your own water bottle. If not, purchase packaged mineral water to stay on the safer side.

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Avoid Street food

It is best to avoid street food during rainy days. Though street food may be tempting, you might want to abstain from such during the rainy days. Since the food is kept out in the open air, you never know if it’s hygienic enough to eat.

Follow Travel Guide

It can be a treacherous thing to head to the hills in the rains, with slippery roads and the heightened possibility of landslides and mudslides. Always put safety first, especially while traveling during the rainy season. Take some time and plenty of breaks in between. And take a local Guide and follow known trials.

Top tips for Monsoon Travel in NepalThe last thing you want to do is end up falling to the deep end!

Reserve Additional Time

It is recommended that you allow plenty of waiting time in your travel itinerary. Monsoon showers can change your itinerary, where buses and planes can be delayed or canceled without further notice. Maybe arrange your plans with some allowance for delays – it’s better if you keep in touch with your airline or bus about their policies for schedule changes and refunds.


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