Butwal officially Butwal Sub-Metropolitan is one of the rapidly growing city of Nepal . It lies in Province No. 5Rupandehi District . It is also home to the administrative headquarters of Lumbini Zone. This city stands beside the bank of Tilottama River. It is located 240 kilometres west of Kathmandu and 22 kilometers north of Bhairahawa and nearly 260 km east of Nepalgunj . Its name, Butwal was derived from Batauli Bazaar, the town’s oldest residential area which is located on the western bank of Tinau river. Butwal is a lively city comprising the Panoramic views of the combination of hills and plains.

Butwal is a small city of about eight thousand hector square in area, situated on the low-altitude flat-land (Terai) near the border side to India, is a home to eighty thousand Nepalese of different religion, language, ethinicity and identity. Butwal connects Bhairahawa city, Tansen town, and Narayanghat city through different highways. Butwal is only 26KM from the Indian Border and about 22 km from Bhairahawa, and Tansen is about 36 KM away from Butwal.

Some places to visit in Butwal
Butwal Hill Park (Deepnagar)

This famous place was one of the historic for the people of Gurung community. This hill was called Gurung Dada before the hill park idea came into context, because Gurung people were buried here. ButNow it has been changed to view Butwal and nearby cities like Bhairahwa. This gives a good view of whole Butwal in either side. It separates Butwal city into 2 parts. The big growing city on east with population more than 45000 in small suburb (Deepnagar) with other parts of Butwal. You also can visit Aap Khola (mango river) popular among the residents of Butwal where people go for swimming and to collect water during drought.

Sidhha Baba Temple

This famous temple is located on hills at the border of Butwal Municipality. In fact the temple lies in Palpa. Devotees believe that  Siddha Baba will grant their wishes, and whosoever’s wishes are granted offers pigeons at the temple.On Saturdays, the weekly holiday in Nepal, large number of devotees from Butwal as well as nearby places visit the holy temple. The temple is overcrowed by devotees during the festival of Shiva Ratri, Nepali New Year (B.S) and weekends.

Siddhababa Temple

Phulbari (Manimukunda Park)

Phulbari, the winter palace of Palpali Sen clan is very fascinating from natural and archaeological values. There are ruins and antiquities of the majestic palace of Manimukunda Sen an ancient Palpali King containing 6 large rooms as well as royal residence, administrative and fascinating scenic grandeur Siddharthanagar and other neighboring villages of Rupandehi district can be vividly seen from here at night also. His Majesty’s Government, the archaeological department has attempted to maintain it in 1991. Now Butwal municipality has formed council for the conservation of Manimukunda Sen Park to conduct Phulbari Development Programme and attempted to make it an amusing and a tourist resort.


Jeetgadhi fort, where Nepali soldiers beat the East India Company army, is a prominent aspect of the Butwal cityscape. Located on the western bank of the Tinau River, the fort can be reached by a half-hour walk from Butwal baazar.

According to historian Nirmal Shrestha, the fort was built by Mukunda Sen and was used during the Anglo-Nepal war 200 years ago. The Nepali troops were led by Captain Ajeer Singh, while the British side was headed by Major General Wood. The Nepali troops triumphed against the British, which led to the fort being named Jeetgadhi in 1861 BS.



Located about 12 km. west from Butwal and to North from Banakatti, Sainamaina as an open museum is very famous and fascinating resort from historical archaeological culture and natural points of view. Among the different Gramas villages of Shakya King, it was in the samgrama site. An Indian queen (Begam Hazrat Mahal of Oudh/ Awadh/ Lucknow) because of the British disturbance in her kingdom came to this area with her soldiers and porters (‘Sena’ and Mena’) and finally this area came to be known as Saina Maina. It is an exquisite treasure trove of ancient ruins and antiquities: statues of dancing saints, ruins of the palace, well etc. The statue of Buddha(Jogidanda) was very significant different ruins of having the values of classical art are scattered here and there. This famous archaeological site is being occupied by homeless and landless people. Some of the antiquities of this site are seen thrown around the Lumbini museum.

Similarly, Ganesh Temple, Narayansthan, Radhakrishna Temple, Kalika Temple, Ram Temple, Bhuwaneshwori Temple, Bouddha Stupa etc are some other religious places to see in Butwal.

The ‘remains’ of historical palace of King Mani Mukunda Sen at Fulbari, Butwal
 How to reach Butwal

One can get Bus service easily from the major cities like Kathmandu, Pokhara, Nepalgunj, Biratnagar etc and if you prefer By air you can fly Kathmandu(KTM) to Bhairahawa(BWA) . It takes 25 minutes by Shree airlines and 35 minutes by Buddha and Yati Airlines. From Bhairahawa you can hire a taxi or Auto(tuk-tuk).


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