Shree Antu Village


Shree Antu is very beautiful Homestay village in Ilam, a district of Eastern Nepal with an altitude of 1544 Meters from sea level. Shree Antu offers spectacular mountain views of world’s 3rd highest Mountain i.e. Mt. Kanchenjunga to Nepal’s Lowest land Kechana (60 m). The very renown facts of Shree Antu is, it is considered as one of the best sunrise viewpoint in the Himalayas for having beautiful tea garden landscapes and Mountains on its views! Not only that, Shree Antu offers beautiful views of Indian hill stations like Darjeeling, Mirik etc. Distance wise, Shree Antu Home stay village is 720 km east from Kathmandu.

Shree Antu village

Shree Antu with its richness in natural bio-diversity, it is equally rich in having cultural diversity as well; thus it makes Shree Antu as a perfect Eco- Cultural homestay tourism destination in Nepal. Shree Antu Village Homestay has many attractions like, the most beautiful and largest tea Garden in Asia with Spectacular Mountain views, Nepal’s only Lepcha Village with interesting Lepcha Cultures and Museum, Orchid flower gardens and activities wise, you can visit in to tea garden and do tea garden hiking, cycling, visit tea factory to see the process of how the teas in Himalayas are blended… and many more ways to explore and enjoy Shree Antu!

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