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Sauraha will be open from July 30


Tourist activities in Sauraha, which was closed due to lockdown, will resume operations in about four months.

Chairman of the Regional Hotel Association Sauraha, Deepak Bhattarai, informed that they have decided to operate Sauraha from July 30 as the government has decided to operate hotels and other tourist activities by adopting special vigilance.

A meeting of Entrepreneurs held in Sauraha on Tuesday morning has decided to conduct tourism activities with caution.

Entrepreneurs are now preparing to run hotel activities including hotel sanitation, elephant safari, Boat and jeep safari in Sauraha.

Chairman Bhattarai said that the message that Sauraha is open would be important even if tourists do not come as expected due to the rainy season. “It’s not the tourist season right now. On the other hand, long-distance vehicles are not open yet, planes are not flying,” he said.

Entrepreneurs of Sauraha are even preparing to offer a few percent discounts. Chairman Bhattarai said that Nepali citizens who have been lost inside their homes due to lockdown and coronavirus will be appealed to visit Sauraha to refresh themselves.

Suman Ghimire, the outgoing president of the Regional Hotel Association Sauraha, said that discussions are underway to provide a special discount package for all tourist activities in Sauraha.

green-mansions-jungle-resort-sauraha“Hotels that can afford hotels, restaurants that can afford restaurants, elephants and jeep safaris can go together for the promotion of domestic tourists by maintaining uniformity,” said Ghimire.

Deepak Bhattarai, president of the Sauraha Regional Hotel Association, said that the businessmen believe that the tourist sector, which has been weakened due to the coronavirus, will gradually pick up speed.

Entrepreneurs have taken hope and belief that something good will happen in the tourist season even if they are not immediate tourists now. The tourist season begins with Dashain Tihar.

The young entrepreneurs had organized a bicycle rally on Saturday to attract domestic tourists and spread the message that Sauraha is opening.

Bhattarai said that the association would also issue five-point directives to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

There are 110 hotels in operation in Sauraha.

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