Neglect in Kankrebihar wall construction

Kohalpur, 29 September. The construction work of the structure at Kankrebihar, an archeological tourist site of Karnali, has fallen into disrepair.

The construction work of the structure has been stalled this year as the state government has not given continuity to the Kankrevihar Compounding (Wall) project selected last fiscal year.

In the last fiscal year 2076/77, the state government had allocated Rs. 40 million for the construction of the wall. The budget was returned after the end of the fiscal year without accepting the bids called in June. Division Forest Office Information Officer Tek Bahadur Rawal said that the budget was returned as the bidding process could not be started on time due to coronavirus.

The state government has not allocated any budget in the current fiscal year. The lack of budget for the project for which bids have been invited has added to the confusion. “It is unfortunate that the bids will be canceled due to lack of budget or the contract process will be taken forward after the budget is approved by the ministry,” he said.

As per the Kankrebihar Master Plan, it is estimated that Rs. 210 million will be required for the construction of the wall (compounding). The state government has allocated Rs. 20 million for the construction of ‘adequate infrastructure’ instead of the construction of the Kankrebihar wall. The project implementation body, Division forest Office, said that the process could be taken forward as per last year’s bid if the state government provided the budget.

The Ministry of Industry, Tourism, Forest and Environment has stated that the program proposal prepared by the Division Forest Office has been sent to the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Planning. Secretary at the Ministry, Dr. Krishna Prasad Acharya, said that the same amount was demanded last year. Local people’s representatives have objected to the cut in the budget of the main tourist destination of the state. Stating that the state government is not serious in the development of the state capital, they demanded to ensure an immediate budget.

Meanwhile, the Department of Archeology has completed the construction of the temple a year ago but has left the work unfinished. The department had entrusted the task of reconstruction to Siddhababa Construction The Department of Archeology had given the contract to the same company for the construction of the second phase of the structure including the temple finishing and garden. Citing the lockdown, the company said it could not complete the work last year. RSS


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