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Kupindedaha Salyan….

Kupinde Lake (Kupinde Daha) is the one of the greatest lake among Rapti zone .Around 24 km west of Khalanga, lies Kupinde village. Here, the sprawling Kupinde Lake makes for an awesome sight. Surrounded by hills on all sides. Locals say that the lake changes its color three times every year. A temple dedicated to Barahdev is located at the bank of lake where devotees come to pay respect . Kupinde lake is like a tiny phewa lake of Pokhara. Here one can hire boat for boating. It costs Nrs 500 to 1500 . It takes Nearly 45 to 60 minute for boating whole lake.  Here We have try to keep some Photos of Kupindedaha Salyan .

Kupindedaha wideangle

Tourism in Salyan

There are number of tourist places to visit in Salyan. It is bounded by mountains, lakes, charming valleys, caves and many more tourist destination . One of the great expect of Salyan is tourism development . There are many unexplored tourism area because of the geographical structure. some of the Tourism areas are Khairabang Temple ,Chhayachhetra Temple , Laxmipur Gangamala Temple. Similarly Shreenagar Valley, Kumaakh Lekh, Tinchahare Jharana are also best palces. Tribeni Dham, Sharada River, Shiva Cave, Siddanath lekh are also important. Kapurkot Bajar, Kachhuwa Daha are the prominent tourist hotspots of the district. In addition, various ancient temples, historical sites, caves and diverse nature are the other attractions.

.  Gateway to Kupindedaha Way to Kupindedaha lake from topview Top View of lake Kupindedaha Salyan boating view Nature

All Photos by: Sagar Chaudhari

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