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Hyatung Waterfall

Hyatung waterfall

Hyatung waterfall (Hytarung Jharana) is the highest waterfall in Nepal and the second-highest waterfall in Asia after the Kunchikal waterfall(455m). It is called Hyatung falls. Hyatung Falls has a height of 365 meters. It is located in Phedap Rural Municipality of Terhathum district in the Koshi zone. The scenic beauty of Hyatung is heartwarming and is one of the most beautiful places for holidays, hike, Nature watch.

The waterfall in between the greenery of forests can captivate anyone who has been there. If you are lucky then you can view the rainbow around the waterfall. It’s Really very Heart touching and wonderful. Besides the waterfall, the Hyatung area is itself beautiful and hosts different species of plants and medicinal herbs. We can also find different kinds of birds in this area. This is the best place to be in your holidays if you are a nature lover and loves to hike.

Let’s Explore Nepal with this amazing waterfall. Nature Lovers are Always here to enjoy the beauty of Nature. One can feel cool air blowing with the sound of Waterfall, Green forest around. And here you can spend your whole day with positive energy, peace in mind. It’s Nature that teaches us to enjoy life. It inspires us for our time Life.

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How to reach Hyatung Waterfall

At first, You have to reach Myanlung, headquarter of Terhathum District. You can easily find a bus from Major cities up to Dharan. From Dharan, You can take a local bus up to Myanlung. After reaching Myanlung you have to take the mid-Hill highway through Halimela. It takes about 3 hours of ride to Hyatung waterfall from Halimela. On the way, you will pass through a place called Batase which is likely to be the end place of Hotel service. Ahead of Batase you will not find the Hotel service although you can find some small teahouse. Please ask Local for the right path to the waterfall as the way to Fall is confusing without any sign or board. From Batase after a half-hour in motorbike, you have to hike for about half-hour more through the forest to reach Hyatung waterfall.

Best Season To Visit Hyatung Waterfall

We recommend visiting this waterfall from the month of September to Mid November. As there will be more risk in the rainy season on the way we do not recommend visiting there in Rainy season. And Also in winter, there will be fog and you will not be able to see nature clearly. And During the summer there will be less water in the waterfall.

Hyatung waterFall


Myanlung is the District headquarter of Terhathum District so there are many options for accommodation. You can Also find local hotels on the way like Halimela and Batase.

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