Hyatung Waterfall

Hyatung waterfall (Hytarung Jharana) is the highest waterfall in Nepal and could be the second highest waterfall in Asia. It is called Hyatung falls. Hyatung Falls has a height of 365 meters. It is located in Terhathum district in Koshi zone. The scenic beauty of Hyatung is heart warming and is one of the most beautiful place for holidays, hike, Nature watch .

The water fall in between the greenery of forest can captivate anyone who has been there. If you are lucky then you can view the rainbow around the waterfall. It’s Really very Heart touching wonderful. Besides the waterfall, Hyatung area is itself beautiful and hosts different species of plants and medicinal herbs. We can also find different kind of birds in this area. This is the best place to be in your holidays if you are nature lover and loves to hike.

 Lets Explore Nepal with this amazing waterfall . Nature Lover are Always here to enjoy the beauty of Nature . As One can feel cool air blowing with sound of Waterfall, Green forest around . And here you can spend your whole day with positive energy, peace in mind . It’s Nature which teach us to enjoy in life . It inspire us for our One time Life .
Hyatung waterFall

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