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KATHMANDU, Feb 18: The government is going to determine the star sign as a sign to establish the identity of hotels, resorts and boutique hotels

Director-General of the Department of Tourism, Rudra Singh Tamang, said that the sign would be provided by determining the standard of the service, quality, capacity, etc. of the hotel and the sign should be kept visible to the service recipients.

The sign will have the government logo at the top, the star or sign received by the hotel in the middle and the name of the hotel at the bottom.

Such signs should be of a certain size and the sign should be visible to all types of hotels including hotels, resorts and boutique hotels.

Director-General Tamang also said that all level resorts, star-level hotels and boutique hotels of all levels should have a signboard with the specified number of star signs in the shape specified by the local level at their entrances according to the design of the hotel/resort.

In the case of all the hotels that have been classified as tourist hotels by the Department of Tourism and its subordinate offices and are currently classified as tourist hotels by the concerned bodies of the state government, the sign with TS written in red on the circular line will be determined as a sign, said Director General Tamang.

Similarly, in the case of motel hotels, the letter M will be marked in red within the circular line and in the case of tourists, the symbol written in red in the circular line will be determined as the sign.

In the case of bed and breakfast, the symbol B & B written in red inside the circular line will be determined as the sign.


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