Following the footsteps of Guru Padmasambhava

Guru Padmasambhava
View of Statue Temple of Guru Padmasambhava from air: Pharping, Nepal - October 16, 2017 Video from Mavic drone

Guru Padmasambhava, born in between 7th to 8th centuries, is known as one of the most powerful incarnations of Buddha himself. The reason he is called Padmasambhava because it is believed that he came out from a lotus (Padma) in a river called Danakosha. It is also believed that Buddha had made a prophecy about the birth of Padmasambhava where he had said that 200 years after his death, his reincarnation will be born who will help mankind in many ways. According to a Buddhist holy book known as “Barchya lamsel” which literally translates into diminishing of all evil that lies in the way to attaining purity. According to this book, there are 12 major places with a very high holy presence of Guru Padmasambhava and which his religious followers must visit. Among the 12 destinations, there are major destinations that are known and worshipped by many whereas some destinations are not yet to be discovered.

According to the holy book of ‘Barchya Lamsel’, Guru Padmasambhava was adopted by the king of oddiyana who found him on the lotus in the river of Danakosha. He was crowned the king of the country but like budBuddha sacrificed his royal belongings and made his way to India to serve mankind. While in India he married the daughter of King Mandi, Mandarawa Devi. He was tormented by King Mandi in many ways, it is also said that the king tried to burn Guru Padmasambhava alive but he wasn’t successful in doing so. The fire that was created by King Mandi turned into a lake and the wood that was used to create the fire turned into a lotus flower. That place is known as “Cho Pema” today, it is situated in India.

After that incident, Guru Padmasambhava along with his wife Mandarawa Devi left for Nepal. They meditated in the caves of Halesi which lies in Khotang district, for three months. He worshipped Amitayu, who is known as Chepagme by Buddhist people, who is the god of life. Being happy from his meditation, Amitayu blessed Guru Padmasambhava with eternal life. Many demons tried to disturb his meditation phase; nonetheless, he was able to free all the demons from their ill fate with his powers.

Then he made his way to Daman, which is well known by the name of Chimmi Chyangchuk among the Buddhist community, where he finally converted himself into a monk by accepting the yellow attire given to him by his guru “Prava Hasti”. It is believed that he ended the water crisis that once existed in that region of Nepal. The people who have a true heart and faith towards him are said to see the lotus flowers in the hills of Daman as well.

After Daman he meditated in Pharping to terminate the demons that were continuously tormenting the people of Pharping. The place which is well known as sheesh Narayan today has a cave of Guru Padmasambhava located there; it is believed that Guru Padmasambhava fought all the demons and made them go away.

Another very famous place where Guru Padmasambhava meditated in Timal, Kavre. It is believed that on his way to Bodhgaya Guru Padmasambhava regained his powers by meditating in the hills of Timal where he also got rid of the demons residing in those hills. It is believed that he also intentionally dropped one bead of Boddhichitta in that forest, that being the reason why boddhichitta can be found in Timal.

Cho rolwa, the lake in Rolwaling district also has a very high religious value for the followers of Guru Padmasambhava. Near the lake one can find amazing caves where Guru Padmasambhava had meditated for years.

Other important holy destinations of Guru Padmasambhava are said to be located on the way to Gosaikunda, Chitwan, Jomsom and somewhere is Sindhupalchowk as well. These destinations are not as famous as they are situated in very remote places. Nonetheless, if you desire to see them you can always ask some monks for some advice and make a trip.

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