Chulu West Peak

The government has provided the Chulu West peak in Manang for use by the Nepal Army. The mountain will now be used by the Nepal Army as a ‘training peak’.

According to a source in the Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation, the 6,490-meter-high mountain will be used by the Nepal Army as a Mountain Warfare Advanced Training at the Army High mountain School.

This is the first time in Nepal that peak has been assigned to be used by a single body. Earlier, the management of the mountains was given. Accordingly, the Nepal Mountaineering Association has been managing and marketing two and a half dozen mountains. Even this peak was being managed by the association earlier.

According to Kedar Bahadur Adhikari, secretary of the ministry, Chulu west peak will now be used for the ascent of teachers, learners and foreign learners participating in military training. The government has also waived the fee for using this pick for the Nepal Army. For 10 years, the army has been able to use the mountain for training purposes free of charge.

Earlier, the government had sought the opinion of the Department of Tourism and the Nepal Mountaineering Association on providing mountains to the army. In the process, the department had sent some possible proposals.

According to the Director-General of the Department, Rudra Singh Tamang, the Council of Ministers has selected peak and handed it over to the Army. The Nepal Army has also included mountaineering in special training courses in the high Himalayan region.

In Nepal, the government has now opened more than 400 peaks for climbing. Of these, only a few dozen peaks are regularly climbed.


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