Maithili language

An engineer has developed an App named ‘Tutor’ to promote the Maithili language and its script.

Maithili, one of the ancient languages widely spoken in Nepal and India, is one of the 129 languages spoken in Nepal.

Abhinav Jha, a graduate in network engineering, developed the App to promote the language that was popularized in the 14th century by poet Vidyapati.

Jha, a resident of Rajbiraj Municipality in Saptari district, said that he utilized his free time during the lockdown and made the App by making the best use of his knowledge and skills.

According to him, anybody can easily learn the Maithili language through the newly launched ‘Tutor’ App. Jha further said, “Immense love towards my mother tongue and the unyielding encouragement and support from my family enabled me to develop this App.”

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