Bageshwori Temple

Bageshwori Temple Nepalgunj

Bageshwori Temple is the Hindu temples in Nepal residing at the center of Nepalgunj sub-metropolitan , in 05 no. Province of Nepal. Nepalgunj is the biggest city in the mid-western development region. This Temple is related to goddess Bageshwori- a Durga. The temple area has another famous temple of Lord Shiva with a mustache known as JUNGE MAHADEV and there are several other smaller temples inside the temple area including a temple of Lord Buddha, statues of Lord Ganesha, a temple of Goddess Santoshi and the temple of Lord Hanuman.

Bageshwori Temple Nepalgunj

History of Bageshwori Temple

it is believed to have been built after a group of yogis resting here on their way to Lord Pashupatinath in Kathmandu dreamed of Sati Devi (Wife of Lord Shiva) telling them that it was here that her tongue fell off and that it could be found inside a pit close by . The next day the yogis found the tongue of the goddess just as she’d described it. And later a temple was built in her honor . Today also it is said that one can see the tongue by paying definite tax for open view (khulla darsan) .

The Bageshwori pond is in front to temple which is also famous for devotees, especially for the reason that the temple of Lord Shiva with a mustache stands at the center of it.

Junge Mahadev

All over the year, many devotees are reached here from Nepal and India and other countries also. Especially in the festival of Dashain, the temple receives a huge crowd of people wishing to pray to the goddess and offer animal sacrifices. During Dashain here is very long Line of devotees for worshiping and sacrifice goat, cock etc .

Shiva ratri, Teej, Magh sukla purnima on these festivals bageshwori temple gots crowds. The temple’s image can be seen in Nepalese one-rupees coins and postal stamps.

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