Yeti airlines will fly to Simara

Kohalpur, 3 October. Yeti airline service has also been added for passengers who want to fly to Simara from Kathmandu and vice-versa.

Yeti Airlines will fly to Simara Airport after 12 years. Yeti Airlines, which flew Kathmandu-Simra in 2008, has since suspended flights.

The spokesperson of the airline Sudarshan Bartaula informed that regular flights will start from Simara Airport from October 7. According to him, the plane will fly to Simara by adopting the required criteria during the transition of Covid-19. According to him, two daily flights will be operated on the Kathmandu-Simra route from October 7.

According to him, Yeti will fly JetEstream-41 in Simara. The flight is scheduled for 9.00 am and 4.45 pm each day. The promotional fare on this route alone has been fixed at Rs 2,800 for one-way Kathmandu-Simra-Kathmandu.

Yati Airlines currently operates five ATR-72-seat capacity, five Jetstream-30-seat capacity and including four of its sister Tara Air’s twin otter aircraft, a total of 14 aircraft. Earlier, Buddha Air was operating regular flights to Simara.


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