Tourists will not be issued onarrival visa immediately

Welcome to Nepal

Even after the government started commercial flights, on-arrival visas will not be issued to non-resident Nepali and foreign tourists who want to come to Nepal.

A joint meeting between the foreign, home, health and tourism ministers and secretaries on Thursday agreed not to issue on arrival visas. However, no decision has been made on the basis of which protocol will be allowed for Nepali and non-resident Nepalis and tourists, said a secretary who participated in the discussion.

We have decided not to issue on-arrival visas today,” he said. “Other issues will be discussed further on Friday.”

According to him, the Secretary of the Ministry of Home Affairs and Health will submit a proposal to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Tourism on Friday evening regarding the flight and its management.

Based on that, a decision will be made about the operation of the flight. An official said preparations were underway to finalize the flight and protocol by Saturday.

He said that the four ministers and secretaries had a discussion on Thursday to formulate a safety protocol and take a decision keeping in mind the problems of passengers who have already bought tickets in the hope of flying, the problems of airline operators, the spread of coronavirus in the country and the challenge of running the economy.


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