Home News Tourists stranded in Nepal gets permission to stay legally till Mid- December

Tourists stranded in Nepal gets permission to stay legally till Mid- December

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KATHMANDU, Aug 19: Tourists stranded in Nepal due restriction over regular international flights will be able to stay legally till Mid- December. It has been decided not to charge visa fees for foreign nationals whose visas expire on March 21 and to those who are not allowed to return home until international flights are opened. There will be no visa fee, penalty, or delay fee.

Also, from August 15 to December 15, ordinary visa fees will be charged. The decision of the Home Minister has made such an arrangement for the tourists who could not return home due to restriction over regular caused by Covid-19. In case of foreign nationals having valid visas up to 21st March 2020 and departing within 15 days from the resume date of international flights, visas will be regulated without any charges at immigration offices at the time of their departure.

However, if they are unable to return within 15 days, visas will be regulated without any fee until 14th August 2020. Since 15th August 2020, the visa can be regulated maximum up to 15th December 2020, but with a regular tourist visa fee. Likewise, Non-resident Nepali visas and non-tourist visas issued by the department, which are being renewed, can now be issued and renewed from the Immigration Office, Pokhara, Kaski.

Diplomatic missions in Nepal, Nepal Tourism Board, Gandaki Pradesh had been urging the government to allow tourists in Nepal to stay in Nepal for some time. Accordingly, the Ministry of Home Affairs has made such arrangements for the convenience of tourists.



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