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Teej festival being celebrated in Nepal

Teej festival celebrated

The green Teej festival celebrated on the day of Bhadra Shukla Tritiya is being celebrated today by worshiping Mahadev.

There is a religious belief that if one fast and worships Shiva-Parvati on this day, happiness, peace and welfare of the family will be achieved.

Teej festival celebrated

It is also customary to dance after worshiping Shiva-Parvati. Due to the risk of coronavirus infection, mass gatherings have been banned in Teej this year. Also, temples including Pashupatinath have been closed on the occasion of the festival. After the ban was imposed on Wednesday night, this year women are worshiping Mahadev at home and celebrating there.

It is believed that Parvati got Mahadev (Lord Shiva) as a husband by fasting on this day in Satya Yuga and her desires were fulfilled by fasting on this day. There are three types of fasting: fasting without eating anything along with water, fasting by drinking water only and fasting by eating fruit.

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Experts in theology say that there is a scriptural law for unmarried girls to fast for the sake of good fortune, for having children, for the sake of getting a good groom. The theologians are of the opinion that the purpose of this fast is to fulfill one’s desires and for the welfare of the whole family.

haritalika teej

In particular, relatives and siblings call their daughters and sisters and feed them. It is called Dar in the Nepali Language.

On the occasion of Teej, women also make public their sorrows, pains and sufferings through songs throughout the year.

The Teej festival, which formally begins on Thursday after eating Dar, is celebrated till Rishi Panchami. On the third day, It is celebrated by fasting and dancing and singing which is formally called Haritalika Teej, on the fourth day, worship of Lord Ganesha and on the day of Panchami, after bathing and worshiping Arundhati and Saptarishi, the fast ends.

Haritalika teej



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