More than 84,000 tourists entered Nepal in 10 months

Manang welcomes foreign tourists

Kathmandu: More than 84,000 foreign tourists have entered Nepal in the last ten months of the fiscal year 2021.

According to Nepal Tourism Board (NTB), 84,332 foreign tourists visited Nepal from January to October this year.

In October, 23,284 foreign tourists entered Nepal by air. Similarly, 14,222 foreigners left Nepal in the same month. Likewise, 9,898 foreign tourists entered Nepal in the previous month of September.

The NTB data of tourist arrivals in Nepal reveals that 8,874 foreign tourists visited Nepal in January, 9,146 in February, 14,977 in March, 22,450 in April, 1,468 in May, 1,143 in June, 2,991 in July, and 5,917 in August.

This arrival data of foreign tourists has given an optimistic perspective for the revival of the tourism industry which was hard hit by the Covid-19 pandemic.


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