Kathmandu Receives traveler’s choice award 2020 from the travel platform Trip Advisor, on the basis of the reviews of the travelers. Kathmandu is selected as a traveler’s choice award 2020 for the Category Popular Destination of Asia. It has been ranked in the 13th position of Asia.

Nepal’s capital Kathmandu is surrounded by a valley full of historic sites, ancient temples, shrines, and fascinating villages. – Tripadvisor

In the top of this category is Bali of Indonesia. Every Year Tripadvisor publishes this award on the basis of Reviews from travelers Around the world. To be selected as a best destination of Asia is a Pride for all Nepalese although it’s in the 13th Position of Asia.

traveler's choice awardKathmandu is an incredibly diverse, historic city with amazing architecture, exquisite wood carvings and metal craft which showcase the skills of the Newar artisans of centuries ago. Hinduism and Buddhism have co-existed in Kathmandu valley from time immemorial and the valley residents make a little distinction as they worship in both Hindu and Buddhist shrines.

Kathmandu is a city where ancient traditions are zealously guarded while at the same time embracing modern technology. The grandeur of the past enchants the visitor whose gaze may linger on an exquisitely carved wooden window frame, an 18th-century bronze sculpture or a spiritually uplifting stupa. Kathmandu, the largest city of Nepal, is the political as well as cultural capital of the country

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Samjhana Malla
Samjhana Malla
1 month ago

Congrats to All of Us. Kathmandu is the best place to explore ancient art and Culture. Thanks to Tripadvisor.