Tiger attack in Bardiya

So far this fiscal year, eight people have died in Bardiya due to tiger attacks.

Renuka Sunar, 28 years, of Madhuwan Municipality-3, was attacked by a tiger and killed at the border of Kothiaghat Community Forest and Samjhana Community Forest, said Hem Bahadur Shahi, Information Officer at District Police Office, Bardiya. The incident took place at 1:50 pm on Wednesday. During the search, police found her body at the border of both community forests, he said.

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Recently, the terror of tigers has been increasing in the intermediate zone. Last week alone, Lal Bahadur Tharu, 65, of Kalabanjar in Rajapur Municipality was killed by a tiger. His body was found in the community forest after eating from the waist down, police said. Similarly, a woman from Kailali was attacked and killed by a tiger on December 3 on Chisapani Road.

“We are trying to control the tiger that attacked them,” said Deputy Superintendent of Police Shahi. Similarly, dozens of goats have been attacked and killed by tigers in Gidarpur of Geruwa Rural Municipality-4.


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