Heavy snowfall in Humla and Mugu

Various part of Humla and Mugu has seen a heavy snowfall since Sunday evening which has hugely affected everyday life in the districts. The high pressure created by westerly wind is causing heavy snowfall in these regions. 

Around half a foot of snow has blanketed Simkot, the district headquarters, of Humla. Everyday life in the district has been hugely affected due to severe cold triggered by the snowfall.

Snowfall in Simkot airport
Snowfall in Simkot airport

The schools that had reopened last month after remaining closed for about nine months because of the Covid-19 pandemic were also affected by the snowfall.

On Monday, two aircraft belonging to Tara Air were stranded at Humla Airport. A team of technicians were flown in on Sunday after another aircraft had experienced some technical issues earlier in the day.

Rara, a major tourist attraction in Mugu district, is also experiencing snowfall. On Monday, the area witnessed five-inch deep snow.

Snowfall in Rara, Mugu
Snowfall in Rara, Mugu

The weather forecasting department has also said that sporadic rainfall has occurred across the country and Kathmandu valley since Monday morning. The snowfall has further decreased the temperature and caused coldness across the country.

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